Friday, May 8, 2009

Portland Trip

Last month we went to Portland, Oregon for a basketball game. Although I'm not a basketball fan, it was neat to see the L.A Lakers in action.

We took a train from Seattle to Portland. It was the first time for me on a train (in the US). The train ride went fairly well, we arrived there in about 4 hours. Om was SUPER excited thoughout the whole trip. It was hard to put him down for naps because he just wanted to explore and socialize.

Cute kid in the hotel, trying out the bed with toy in hand.

Cute kid tryin' out the bathroom sink. Mini jacuzzi anyone?

Cute kid makin' cute Shirley Temple look-alike friends on the train. Om's first girlfriend?

Cute kid passed out in the carseat during the game. He made it for about 2 hours before we had to put him down for a nap amidst all the noise. Om sleeps all bundled up.

LA Laker's vs. Portland Trail Blazers. Kobe Bryant is in there somewhere!

Cute kid with his 'rents. He's looking at me so admiringly! LOL...15 years later he may not like us this much. :D


Menaka D said...

He looks so cute!

Sraikh said...

Your first trip!! Sounds like everyone had fun.

Munchkin said...

(I thought I had commented on this one)

First and foremost, that son of yours is absolutely edible. I came back to this post just to see him :)

And what a fun trip! Hope you guys have many more like these :)

Mama-Mia said...

is he CUTE or what??!! you should rename him cute kid me thinks!

and trip sounds absolute fun!