Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pampers and Swiffer

Here are a couple funny videos. I use both these products so it's funny to see the parody! I am off to sleep, and I plan on responding to comments and read my fellow blogs soon! Goodnite!

Diaper Genie

If the bag is missing inside, and has not been replaced...?

If a non - diaper genie refill bag (think fred meyer grocery plastic bag) has been inserted unsuccessfully inside, whom to blame?

If the grocery bag has fallen to the bottom of the genie and the result is a diaper genie coverd with a thin film of poop, who can we blame?

The prize goes to:

Mommy had tons of fun scrubbing it out in the tub.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm a Mom

Things that freak me out.

1. Going over a bridge or near any body of water with Om near me. NO HE WILL NOT FALL IN THE WATER.

2. Going near animals with Om. NO HE WILL NOT BE BITTEN. The dog will not bite him. The sea lions at the aquarium will not be able to reach Om. (I am the weirdest person I know).

3. The stairs in our house. NO I WILL NOT FALL DOWN THE STAIRS WITH OM.



What are your fears?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sometimes I am Super Woman

Spring Cleaning last week. Actually my friend Ida was coming for a visit so I used that as an excuse. :-)


Sweeped Pantry. Reorganized pantry items according to category (drinks on bottom shelf, spices on second, etc).

Went through all of our medicine collection and put in a neat new storage container (yes I get excited by these things).

Found all the batteries in our house and put them in a storage box. Now we won't go searching.

Organized tupperware cabinet.

Swept kitchen floor. Got down on hands and knees and scrubbed floor.

Cleaned stove top, put in new foil in the burners.
Put guest bedroom sheets in laundry.

Ironed 4 of G's shirts (I am not an expert iron person...I usually wait until the dryer is done and then rush to get the shirts out so that I don't have to iron them).

Went grocery shopping. Went to Target.

Cooked dinner.


Cleaned bathroom floor.

Cleaned guest bathroom tub.

Cleaned master bathroom tub.

Made guest bedroom bed.

Put away random clothes.


Cleaned kitchen counters.

Did laundry, Om's clothes and towels.

All of this on top of taking care of baby and doing normal day to day things. I was sooo tired.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yellow Water

This cartoon pretty much sums up the past couple weeks. :-)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Infant Crawling

Should have added this to the previous post on revelations.

Apparently there are different forms of crawling. There is the classic bear crawl which means baby is on his hands and knees. I thought this was what crawling meant. But no, there are several different types, and we've realized that Om has been doing various forms of these since age 6 months! I'm such a ditzy Mom...Om get ready for many mistakes to come from parents who are learning on the fly! I just thought that there was only one official way of crawling!

Om does the commando style belly crawl. He lies on his stomach and inches forward with is elbows (slowly) until he reaches his destination.

He also rolls. This is the fastest way of getting around the room for him. I wish I could get a video of him rolling, but whenever I whip out the camera Om because camera shy and doesn't move (which is great for still photos) but bad for making movies. He also gets shy when there are strangers around and refuses to do all the cool things he can do at home. LOL.

Here is a link that explains the various forms of crawling:

According to my parents, when I was an infant I was a very fast bear crawler and also used a walker to zoom around the house. However I didn't learn to walk until a year and a half! And it was only when we moved to the States from India at age 2 that I was forced to really learn how to walk because I didn't have the myriads of relatives to pick me up every 10 minutes!

So we'll see how Om does...G learned how to walk at a good age, and my brother learned to walk at 8 months (probably to follow his big sis around, ha!). I wonder if crawling/walking (physical abilities in general) are hereditary in nature?

Also, are walkers available in the US? My Mom called me yesterday and asked me to get him a walker so that he could burn all the extra energy and not get so frustrated. However I don't think I've seen a walker lately in stores, nor at people's homes. I'm assuming it's because they are too dangerous for homes with 2 levels. Any thoughts?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


  • Increasing baby's solid food input from 1 jar to 2.5 jars also increases baby's output to 2.5x a day. And wowsie, it STINKS.

  • If using a bottle, there are different NIPPLE SIZES for each age range. So, for newborns, there is size 0 or 1. For 6 months and up, there is size 3 or 4. DID NOT KNOW THAT. Continued feeding baby with size 1 nipple at age 6 months and wondered why he got so tired and took so long consuming milk. Changed nipple size and lo and behold. Choked the first time but got used to consuming milk in half the time. Saves me more time to spend on not so fun stuff.

  • Spending all day with baby, cleaning and cooking in between, with evenings full of studies or relaxing at the tube = No time for blogging. No time for commenting on wonderful blogs.

  • No rice and no white bread, cleaning house, cooking, and getting up repeatedly to take wire/poison out of baby's mouth result in slow but steady weight loss.

  • When baby screams at top of its lungs in a fit of happiness, do not scream at the top of your lungs back in a gesture of shared happiness. This results in baby frowning in shock and ultimately bursting into heart-breaking tears.

  • Spending all day with baby results in only being able to discuss baby. When friends or relatives call, discuss baby's latest universally amazing accomplishment in great detail. Gloss over the discussion of studies or career by redirecting to topic of cooking or how to remove stains from laundry.

  • Forget toys, give baby the daily junk mail of coupons/newsletters/empty envelopes to tear up and lick. Keeps the kid interested for 30 minutes, until you hear a scream that says he has thrown all the paper out of reach and is in an odd half split leg position that he cannot get out of.

  • Do NOT leave baby on a counter top alone after they reach 6 months. Even if they are in a safety seat with buckles, or especially in a bumbo chair, and you are leaving for just a minute. LOVED the bumbo chair until now, when little Houdini can escape and topple off said counter tops. Also can climb out of swings and jump out of crib if the wall is down. Yes we are bad parents....But that is another story. My only excuse is that we are dumb.

  • If baby is screaming while you are putting away laundry that has been sitting there for too long, insert baby in laundry basket and pretend that it is a little car as we drive to all the closets and dressers to put the clothes away.

  • Have different toys for different areas of the house. For example, while changing have only a couple of teething rings, and in the bathtub only rubber duckies. Keep variety so that baby is newly fascinated and keeps himself occupied while you do XYZ.

  • Naps are God's gift to parents.

  • After 6 months, it may be time to get re-sized for undergarments and jeans. Wearing maternity pants and other stretchy items is no longer excusable.

  • Concealer is a new Mom's best friend. Before leaving home for random errand, insert baby in bumbo chair (on the floor) hand baby random item to play with, shower while singing funny songs and playing peek-a-boo with shower curtain. Get dressed. Deoderant application. Apply face cream, apply concealer to zombie under eye patches. Blend, add chapstick to lips. Done. (Optional: If husband is at home or baby is in a coma type sleep, apply powder to t-zone, bronzer, mascara, comb out hair and blow dry).

  • Pregnancy, weight gain, and whatever other causes of nature often result in loss of balance. Case in point: While attending Bikram Yoga class, look utterly ridiculous while attempting tree asaan (pose), locust asaan, and any pose that requires standing on one foot.

  • Am extremely jealous of people with maids. Discussing with someone in India - So how was your day? She says she cooked today. Nothing else. Floors mopped by maid, dough kneeded by maid, laundry/house cleaned via maid help. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Definition of revelation: disclosure: the speech act of making something evident
an enlightening or astonishing disclosure
communication of knowledge to man by a divine or supernatural agency

Monday, March 2, 2009

4 - 4 - 4 Meme

I've been tagged! Finally got around to doing this. My mother in law left last week, so I'm not getting as much time to lesiurely do stuff on the computer (including blogging). As we speak Om is rolling all over the living room floor, periodically getting into electronics and places where he shouldn't be. Not that this is an excuse. I am a perfectionist, so if I can't do something fully and the way I think it should be done, I won't do it until I have ample time to do so. This results in problems at times...but that's another post! LOL.

Here is my picture for the 4 - 4 - 4 meme, tagged by Sue over at Dreams and Journeys. Her's was super cute - love kids in costumes! My favorite has to be JoAnna's at Where will this little foot take him - poor little brother crying!

I couldn't decide whether to do the 4th folder from my picture folder or the 4th folder from my online web album. So I did both :-) Yeah I'm an over achiever! Or maybe just the confused type. Hehe.

Here were the instructions:
“Go into your photo archive,pick the 4th folder in the archive,select the 4th picture in the folder,and write about it.Then tag 4 other people to do the same."

August 2008:

This pic makes me imagine that Om is saying: "Yo lady, where's the milk?" It was the morning after Om was born, and it shows me and Om sitting in the hospital bed. Om looks like a newly hatched baby bird with his pointy nose and fingers, looking up at Mommy. I kept him very close the whole night because his temperature kept dropping, so the nurse suggested I sleep with him snuggled next to my body. We look so serene with the morning light pouring in to the room. He had jaundice and some thyroid issues, so he was continously pricked for blood samples. Poor sweet baby! I still recall him lying on my shoulder balling his newborn eyes out while they took blood samples from his club feet. It is HARD to get blood samples from clubbed feet...the soles of the foot aren't exposed enough, and the blood comes out at a very slow trickle.

November 2007:

The pic above is from the morning of our wedding. It shows my side of the family arriving at the groom's place for shagun ceremony (good luck ceremony that includes gift giving etc). The wedding was that night, but Indian weddings have many mini ceremonies that take place before the actual marriage. Pictured is (from left) my Mom, brother, Dad, Aunt, Cousin, Grandpa, Uncle, Aunt, Aunt, and Uncle. The gifts they are holding were all beautifully wrapped by my best friend Ida (who also attended the wedding, all the way from Minnesota). It may seem like much, but the gifts were just simple clothes, perfumes, watches and candy. In Indian weddings the gift giving can be a bit extreme, so sister in law and I arranged so that we would do the bare minimum in gifts. It was a stressful and simultaneously oh so happy time! The night before we arrived very late to our horrible hotel due to incredibly thick traffic. We were supposed to do the ceremony that evening but instead postponed it to the next morning. I woke up first, then proceeded to wake everyone else up! I was the one in charge of the schedule etc, but my relatives didn't really listen to the "silly little girl" and pretty much did their own thing all day! I guess in India 27 year old girls aren't put in charge of handling the affairs of the wedding. Little did they know that I (along with my sis in law) organized the entire wedding! My parents just sat back and listened. Ha!

The hotel was HORRENDOUS. Poor service, poor accomodations. It looked pretty enough (crown molding anyone?) but my bathroom flooded the night we arrived, and there was no hot water! The electricians and plumbers kept slipping on the wet rugs, too funny. I fell asleep to the sound of repairmen in the bathroom. We were exhausted from hours in traffic. My Dad was unusually awesome...he gave me 2 advil, some tea, and told me to sleep while he handled the repair men. I had a slight fever when I fell asleep, but I awoke fresh and ready to get everyone going on the day! Despite all the fuss, I have fond memories of this time.

I have no idea whom to tag, it feels like everyone has already done it. So I'll put some names here of the bloggers that I believe haven't done it yet... but if you've already done it sorry my bad! Do it for fun, but no obligations!





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