Saturday, March 14, 2009

Infant Crawling

Should have added this to the previous post on revelations.

Apparently there are different forms of crawling. There is the classic bear crawl which means baby is on his hands and knees. I thought this was what crawling meant. But no, there are several different types, and we've realized that Om has been doing various forms of these since age 6 months! I'm such a ditzy Mom...Om get ready for many mistakes to come from parents who are learning on the fly! I just thought that there was only one official way of crawling!

Om does the commando style belly crawl. He lies on his stomach and inches forward with is elbows (slowly) until he reaches his destination.

He also rolls. This is the fastest way of getting around the room for him. I wish I could get a video of him rolling, but whenever I whip out the camera Om because camera shy and doesn't move (which is great for still photos) but bad for making movies. He also gets shy when there are strangers around and refuses to do all the cool things he can do at home. LOL.

Here is a link that explains the various forms of crawling:

According to my parents, when I was an infant I was a very fast bear crawler and also used a walker to zoom around the house. However I didn't learn to walk until a year and a half! And it was only when we moved to the States from India at age 2 that I was forced to really learn how to walk because I didn't have the myriads of relatives to pick me up every 10 minutes!

So we'll see how Om does...G learned how to walk at a good age, and my brother learned to walk at 8 months (probably to follow his big sis around, ha!). I wonder if crawling/walking (physical abilities in general) are hereditary in nature?

Also, are walkers available in the US? My Mom called me yesterday and asked me to get him a walker so that he could burn all the extra energy and not get so frustrated. However I don't think I've seen a walker lately in stores, nor at people's homes. I'm assuming it's because they are too dangerous for homes with 2 levels. Any thoughts?


Priyanka said...

Hey Me,
Walkers I believe are banned in the US. They can cause serious accidents. And I have also read that its not good for babies to use walkers as they build only their lower leg muscles, but not their upper leg and hip muscles. Here's an article on it:
So these days, people buy push carts which babies can hold onto and walk, soemthing like this:

These days, they also have push carts that can be converted to a ride-on. I would have LOVED to buy something like this for Ash:

But its not available in Singapore :(

Priyanka said...

Me, Check this out:

They have one even in the shape of a rocket, isn't it cool :)

Munchkin said...

Hi Me,
Priyanka gave a detailed and good explanation above. We used
for the Munchkin and he started walking within 10 days of using it. It was recommeneded by a friend and her son too had started walking within a week of using it. It later becomes a seated vehicle too. "Sasta and tikaoo" as they would say back home :) Highly recommend it!

Jo-Ann said...

Well... I had a walker as a baby. I supposedly loved it. And i walked at 9 months.

Matthew (clubfoot) bear crawled at 6 months but didn't walk til he was almost 14 months. He was cruising the furniture early, but refused to walk til he could get to a standing position from sitting in the middle of the floor.

Ryan didn't crawl til he was about 10 months old and then walked the day before his first birthday.

No idea if it is inherited. All three of us were so different.

Sue said...

I think Priyanka is right -- I'm not sure if they're explicitly "banned" but I've never seen one for sale. I have heard of kids having a walker but have no idea where they would have gotten it. Grandma's attic, probably!

Stick with those suggestions -- those push-things. That's how my son learned how to walk. He wasn't much of a crawler, so he figured out pretty quickly how to get up, hold on to that push-thing, and then go. They work really great.

Grace was hilarious. She never, ever crawled -- I'm not kidding! She ALWAYS sat up, and then swooshed her legs back and forth in front of her, like a mop, and somehow scooted herself forward that way. It was the funniest thing to see! That way she could see everything and have both hands free to grab things along the way. Talk about efficient multi-tasking! And I had REALLY clean floors during that stage! :)

Her clubfoot didn't slow her down at all. In fact, she learned to stand, cruise, and walk faster than my son! I think she took her first step at 9 months and was walking well by 12 months, clubfoot and all. But the crawling ... or scooting/swishing ... was priceless.

Enjoy these wonderful moments with Om!

Mama - Mia said...

oh well! OM will walk when he wants to! period!

gah! pushy mom! :p



Hitha said...

I know , how we want our kids to learn new things ...but at 7 months...Om has a long time to build his walking skills....he must be sitting up on his own now crawling and doing palti...soon he will stand holding on to things and then learn to walk with support....n soon he will be all arround the house pushing n pulling stuffs.... no more stopping then :)

Those pushing carts really look fun ....i will get one soon for Aaru

every kid has its own learning just enjoy what he is into now....