Monday, March 23, 2009

Sometimes I am Super Woman

Spring Cleaning last week. Actually my friend Ida was coming for a visit so I used that as an excuse. :-)


Sweeped Pantry. Reorganized pantry items according to category (drinks on bottom shelf, spices on second, etc).

Went through all of our medicine collection and put in a neat new storage container (yes I get excited by these things).

Found all the batteries in our house and put them in a storage box. Now we won't go searching.

Organized tupperware cabinet.

Swept kitchen floor. Got down on hands and knees and scrubbed floor.

Cleaned stove top, put in new foil in the burners.
Put guest bedroom sheets in laundry.

Ironed 4 of G's shirts (I am not an expert iron person...I usually wait until the dryer is done and then rush to get the shirts out so that I don't have to iron them).

Went grocery shopping. Went to Target.

Cooked dinner.


Cleaned bathroom floor.

Cleaned guest bathroom tub.

Cleaned master bathroom tub.

Made guest bedroom bed.

Put away random clothes.


Cleaned kitchen counters.

Did laundry, Om's clothes and towels.

All of this on top of taking care of baby and doing normal day to day things. I was sooo tired.


Munchkin said...

Whoa..woman! You are on a roll...

Hitha said...

Great going...Super MOM :)

Priyanka said...

Avanti has written exactly what I was planning to type in :)
BTW, my mom says that the best way to have a clean house is to invite people over frequently :)

Mama - Mia said...

OMG!! i so totally bow to thee!!!

Sue said...

I laughed out loud when I read this -- I too use a friend's visit as an excuse to really clean my house. Otherwise ... eh ...

I get such a kick out of organizing and containers and that sort of thing too ... so either you are NOT crazy, or we are crazy together! :)

I do like Spring Cleaning, really. My husband just lost his job last week (yeah -- soooo not good!!) but now that he's home I'm thinking I'll put his mammoth strength to work and Spring Clean our own house. He'll either love it, or send out 157 resumes. :)

Me said...

Munchkin - Yeah not so my house is a total sty!

Hitha - Thanx!

Pri - Oh totally!

Mama Mia - I'm not worthy!

Sue - Hehe...having folks over puts me under total pressure! And yes you should utilize Don being home while you can! He'll prob go crazy though. :-)