Thursday, March 26, 2009

Diaper Genie

If the bag is missing inside, and has not been replaced...?

If a non - diaper genie refill bag (think fred meyer grocery plastic bag) has been inserted unsuccessfully inside, whom to blame?

If the grocery bag has fallen to the bottom of the genie and the result is a diaper genie coverd with a thin film of poop, who can we blame?

The prize goes to:

Mommy had tons of fun scrubbing it out in the tub.


Hitha said...

Kudos to Daddy !!!

I have tagged u....The 25 facts Tag

Munchkin said...

aaargh....that mustn't have gone well:(

Me said...

Hitha - will do that soon!

Munchkin - No it didn't...I do not enjoy cleaning up poop!