Friday, April 25, 2008

Eating breakfast influences sex?

Here's an article about a study showing how diet affects the baby's sex during conception.

Apparently there is a correlation b/w higher energy consumption and birth of baby boys. Let's see what was I eating at the time of conception? COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF FOOD...

If my baby boy was conceived during our wedding days, then I was practically gorging on wedding buffet food (morning through night). Every event came with catered food. There were sweets between meals and snacks galore.

If my baby boy was conceived during honeymoon, then I was eating at an all-inclusive resort for all three meals, and never feeling hungry (actually quite opposite). The fresh food was to our tastes because it was cooked by Indian chefs (so even the continental stuff had an indian flavor to it). This is in contrast to our recent Cancun babymoon, where the food was decent but was catered to American tourists who can't take spice.

As for the breakfast theory, I always eat breakfast, dieting or not dieting. In India pre-conception (while staying at relatives homes and preparing for the wedding) after doing my morning excersise routine I would sit down to tea in the living room and promptly find boxes of barfi (my favorite indian sweet), cashews, and various items plopped in front of me, too tempting to resist!

So yeah although this study just shows a correlation, it makes sense with what I went through...I was NOT starving or dieting during the time of conception.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby Kicks & Cold

This baby likes to kick....not just straight on the tummy, or sides, or even below the navel....he likes kicking me down south in my CHA - CHA. And these kicks, when they occur, shock the begeezus outta me!

Will discuss with doctor...but lately I've been dissapointed in my doctor. Not that he's bad...he's been's just that sometimes he makes me want to stick a fork in his head. He assumes SO MUCH about me....I realize these guys see tons of preggo ladies and have heard every complaint in the book. But I've had this cold now for months, and it just keeps getting worse. My hearing has lessened, I'm pretty sure it's some form of sinitus. I go through tissues and nasal spray much more frequently just can't be normal for a preggo woman! His nurse just keeps saying "take Tyenol Cold...drink lots of fluids..." And they have never even bothered to look inside my nose/throat/ears! Aren't doctors supposed to do that with that little hand held light?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stats for today

We arrived back from Cancun for our Babymoon on Tues night, and I spent a day with a fever and about 2 days so far with a really bad much about recovering from a vacation!

Number of nose blown: 30 or more.

Number of tissues used: Too gross to count

Number of rushes to the bathroom to use toilet: 13

Number of near misses to toilet, which could have resulted in big disgusting mess: 1

Number of kicks felt from baby: 8

Number of meals eaten: 1, plus snacks (what I do for this baby!)

Number of back aches: 5 shooting pains down legs

Number of newly sprouted chin hairs: 26

Number of wishes to have Mom take care of me: 1,500,278

Wednesday, April 9, 2008




Conversation with Mom

Mom: So you need to look up the Durga Chalisa (a religious text) online and read it daily from now on.

Me: Umm no freaking way Mama.

Mom: STOP trying to be Christian!! You guys are not Christian!!

Me: (flabbergasted & confused as to how she came up with this) Mama how does not doing certain Hindu rituals make me Christian? Do we go to church? No! I told you that I'd go to the temple once this week for your sake.

Mom: It is my duty to tell you these things, you two are HINDU.

Me: Mama, I believe in God generally, and I enjoy participating in various Hindu holidays, but I just can't pray daily, do the little things you want me to do because I just don't believe in it. And G is an athiest, btw if I haven't already told you 10x.

Mom: MAKE G believe in God and MAKE him do the holiday rituals with you. You need to read these texts for your baby's sake! You two are making horrible mistakes for the health of your child.

Me: No. No. No. I will go to the temple sometime, but I will not read the chalisa daily. This is all you are going to get from me.

Mom: (And the rants continue from her side and my harsh responses to make her understand).

Single Girl Things to do before you Marry

I usually find most of these MSN articles either pretty obvious or cheesy, but this one I absolutely agree with...and am glad to say that I took advantage of lots of this list before getting married! The ones I miss the most are hot showers in the AM, using the whole bed (I am in great danger of falling off of the one I share with G, he rolls around like a maniac at night), and eating whatever craving for dinner (I was the queen of this one back in the day!).

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It doesn't matter if you're planning to tie the knot with your man in the next couple of years or if that trip down the aisle isn't even on your horizon. There are some things that you better indulge in now, because once you're hitched? Forget about it.

Date a guy who's totally wrong for you just because he has amazing abs. So what if he's five years younger and your polar opposite? The joy of running your hands across his six-pack is a perfectly legitimate reason to go out with him.

Collect at least six country stamps on your passport, including one from a place that until recently you didn't even know existed. Yes, it's fun to travel with your man, but you also have to have some solo adventures under your belt before you start sharing your life with him 100 percent.

Embrace feminine decor. Don't go so far as to paint the walls pink — that'll freak out any guy who sets foot in your place — but stock up on stuff that appeals to your girlie side. When you're building a nest with him, you'll have to compromise on furniture and accessories, so pile on cute throw pillows while the decorating is all up to you (because here's a tip: Guys hate the things).

Wear a hip, fabulous ring on your left hand. Once you have an engagement band, you won't want anything detracting attention from the ring.

Take advantage of the whole bed. You have the rest of your life to stick to "your" side when you sleep next to your man. Right now, place your pillow smack-dab in the center and make like a starfish.

Spend an embarrassing amount of money on a designer bag you love or heels that make you feel incredibly sexy. Chances are, when you have a joint account with your hubby, he's not going to get why a purse might be worth the GDP of a small country.

Learn how to change a tire and work a drill. It's easy to relegate all those "guy" tasks to your man (and you totally should enlist his help), but there's a sense of power that comes with being able to fix something yourself.

Slip one of those furry covers on the toilet. Once it's there, he'll have to accept it (and psst, they make it impossible for men to leave the seat up).Throw blowout bashes. Sure, it's nice to have a mellow get-together with your girlfriends, but that shouldn't be the extent of your social life. Before settling down, let your wild side reign.

Get a grip on your dough. Sign up for a retirement plan and invest extra income in stocks or CD accounts. Take charge of your own cash flow before merging moola with your guy.
Have your dad take you out to dinner as often as possible. The reasons: It's great bonding time, and his open-wallet generosity will dry up once you're hitched. Face it: Your reception is the last meal that'll be his treat.

Hone a signature lingerie style. Figure out what cuts and colors are hottest on you, and develop a look that's all your own. That way, your one-day groom will follow your lead ... and not buy the polyester, so-small-you-could-floss- your-teeth-with-it teddy.

Want a cat? Heed this advice: Buy it now. Call it Snowflake. Let it sleep next to you in bed. If you wait to get a pet with your betrothed, it will end up being a big, slobbering Lab called Bif.

If all you feel like eating for dinner is ice cream and diet soda, buy a cone and pop a Coke. When you and The Mister mangia together all the time, you'll be less likely to indulge those bizarre — but oh-so-satisfying — cravings.

Use tons of hot water in the a.m.

Take your celeb crush to the max. Plaster a poster of Ryan Gosling in your hallway, and set your computer wallpaper to a topless shot of him.

Plan your fantasy wedding. Now's the time to let your imagination roam — rip pictures of dresses from magazines, size up ceremony venues, and try on some rocks at the jewelry store. This stuff wigs guys out if they witness it, so get it out of your system now.

Start a pleasure ritual that a change in your relationship status can't disturb. Regularly treat yourself to something you love, whether it's a manicure, yoga classes at the fanciest studio in town, or a superrelaxing massage.

Set up your home in a way that fits your needs. Maybe keeping the coffee machine in the bathroom so you can get your caffeine boost while you put on makeup in the morning works for you. Until you have to deal with someone else weighing in on your unusual arrangement, customize.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Yesterday was stressful. It was supposed to be a really happy day when we find out the sex of our baby, but now we have that nagging worry that our baby will have problems with his feet.

The ultrasound showed bilateral clubbed feet. The doctor took a long time slowly examining every inch of the baby, from the heart, spine and brain to double check if there could be anything else wrong. He found nothing else of concern, and our blood tests (triple scan) for neural tube defects, down's syndrome, etc. all came out with a very low probability. That is reassuring, it means that the feet are an isolated issue.

Afterwards we met with a genetics counselor to go over our family history. This is where it gets confusing...neither G or I have ANY instances of clubbed feet in our near relatives. Clubbed feet can either be congenital (which is what we think our case is) or syndromatic, meaning it comes along with another problem like mental retardation. Since there are no signs of mental retardation, it must be something lingering in our genes. The only thing I can think of is that someone in our distant ancestors (like a long lost grandfather's brother or sister) had clubbed feet and we didn't know about it since we never knew them personally.

Thankfully clubbed feet have a high success rate of being cured. The baby's legs are put in plaster every few weeks, and then when he starts to crawl a brace is added for a few hours a day to help maintain the shape of the re-formed feet. We are meeting with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon to discuss all options. Of course as with anything there are chances that things can get worse and that baby will require surgery instead of the plasters. But there is no way of knowing that until baby comes out and is examined by the surgeon.

The doctor and genetics counselor both recommended against procedures like amniocentesis for us, saying that we are still young enough and there were no other problems in the ultrasound to warrant putting the baby under such a risky test.

I had to hold myself until we got out of the doctor's office, and then finally the pipes let loose in the elevator and I started crying. Both G and I were pretty moody, and all I wanted to do was hug G and be comforted. We called up G's sister, Mom and my parents to tell them the was hard because it starts out with "We are having a boy! Yay! "... and then we have to answer the question "So is the baby healthy?"

G stayed home from work for half the day after we went out for lunch. He researched a bunch about clubbed feet on the internet, and found a mixed bag of information. Some people had great results, and even went on to be soccer stars and football players. For example, Mia Hamm and Troy Aikens both were born with bilateral clubbed feet, yet went on to be superstars in their respective areas. Others had re-occuring problems for the rest of their lives, ranging from walking with a cane to arthritis to amputation of feet.

The most reassuring item G found on the internet was a youtube video of a small toddler going through the series of plasters and braces. He was happy, bouncy, and most importantly...ACTIVE. Despite the brace, he was crawling around like crazy and there was a snippet of him finally walking (albeit a bit wobbly) at a normal age. So I need to focus on this image instead of negative images. My initial reaction, my gut, my heart, say that our baby will be fine, he will recuperate and walk normally in life and even play sports if he wants to. He won't be the kid ostracized because of his odd limp or wheelchair ridden life.

After G left I went grocery shopping, and was supposed to go to the library but all I could do was lie in bed in a sort of grief until G came home again. I cooked home-made chicken soup for dinner since it was easy. Then I opened my tax statement back from the accountant...even MORE bad news.

Blah day.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

We saw it poking out

It's official, we are having a son in August. The doc said it's a proud baby boy since it's wee-wee was really sticking out. :-) So far birth weight is good, looks like he's going to be in the 45% range, about 8 lbs when he decides to come out...fingers are crossed that everthing else comes out fine too. There's a chance of some complications with his feet, so we are on the lookout over the next 6 weeks, but the doctor thinks even if there is an issue it will be fixable after birth.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

20 week appointment tomorrow

Tomorrow morning I get a balled stick stuck up my hoo-ha and then wiggled around...oh the joys!

My ultrasound doc is different than my regular OBGYN. Last time I met him he was a bit TOO talkative for my tastes...he actually apologized for saying the word "down's syndrome"! I mean how politically correct do you need to be? These poor OBGYNs are so concerned about getting sued...I guess rightfully so.

Hopefully tomorrow will answer lots of questions and finally satisfy both my in - laws and my family...almost every time I talk to them, they ask when the crucial sex-determining appointment will be. And everytime I tell them April 3rd, but of course they forget within a span of 2 days. :-)

My brother told me today that he wants a boy because that way he can teach him all these dance moves (my brother is an avid pop-locking break dancer) and he also wants to install in him a good dose of cuss words. While I'm not happy about the cuss words, I did mention what's wrong with teaching a girl all the dance moves? I'm sure a little girl would love to learn anything from her supposedly hip young uncle. His answer? "Oh girl's are way too "dainty" and she will probably always ask me for barbies." HILARIOUS.

My in - laws think it's a parents and brother are convinced it's a boy. I've dreamt of little baby boys (teaching them how to pee in a toilet in the dream). But I've also been staring at little girls in the library or nail parlours I frequent...they are so adorable with their clothes and innocent facial expressions, my heart just melts! This 10 year old girl was getting her nails done at the same time I was, and decided to chat it up with me...It was the cutest conversation because it was INTELLIGENT (not baby talk) and innocent at the same time. Right then I wanted a girl who I could someday have a sane conversation with when she turns 10, and take her to do all the girly things I love to do (like go to the salon).

At the same time, baby boys with fat chubby cheeks are too cute for words. If I have a boy it better be CHUBBY. Hehe.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Baby Superstitions

I think every Indian pregnant lady has heard or experienced some sort of superstition regarding taking care of their fetus. I've encountered some particularily interesting ones from my own family. Here is a list.

1. Do not post pictures of baby's sonogram on refridgerator. If you must, put baby's picture on the SIDE of the fridge and not on the front so not everyone will stare at it.

2. Do not, under any circumstances whatsoever, go outside and look at an eclipse. (I got panicked phone calls from Mom and Dad a few weeks back when there was a cool lunar eclipse).

3. Do not scratch an itch for a WHOLE 24 HOURS during the day of an eclipse or any other astronomical event. Your baby will come out with birth marks.

4. Keep a fast (pregnant ladies can keep fasts?) on the day of an eclipse.

5. Do not tell people about the pregnancy, even if you are gaining weight at an exponential rate and people wonder why you are feeling sick etc so it would be pretty obvious (especially when you refuse that glass of wine). Do not discuss pregnancy unecessarily with people.

6. Do not purchase baby clothes or baby products before the baby is born.

7. Look at pictures of healthy babies and do not watch sad or scary movies. Read religious texts to improve mind of baby.

I've pretty much let these go in one ear and out the other. On the day of the eclipse I humoured Mom and just avoided going outside so I wouldn't be tempted to look up at the sky, other than that scratched myself all over and had hamburgers for dinner (hehe so no fasting!). And I have posted the pics of baby on the makes me happy to look at them so why not? I realize these superstitions are to ward off the "evil eye" or whatever, but personally, if something is going to happen to the baby it will happen regardless of these things. Myriads of stuff can go wrong, and I'm not going to blame discussing the pregnancy with a friend as the cause of something that goes awry. I take another view...if I'm comfortable and can vent out my feelings and also share the excitment, it will be better for the baby rather than feeling anxious and nervous about random stuff.

Two days ago I made

Rajma (kidney beans in a spicy curry) from canned beans...and I've decided I like the canned version much better than the traditional fresh beans version!! Besides tasting better, you don't have to soak them over night or put them in a pressure cooker and mess up more pots and pans. The minute you think of having rajma for dinner, you grind all the ingrediants and spices and pop in the beans, cook for 15 long preparation necessary.

G and I also made soya nuggets curry...or at least we attempted to make it. The nuggets I tasted in India were made by my mom - in - law and were really tasty. However, the nuggets we made weren't so tasty and G ate most of them (since I swear he has dulled taste buds that can take anything). We had to soak the nuggets to get the smell out of them...while soaking I got reminded of my dog's food (it smells sort of similar ... isn't dog food made of soy too?) That sounds disgusting but in reality when properly prepared they are really good and healthy.

Some thoughts

The reason that pregnancy can be so frustrating is because you are basically out of control. Being preggo means you don't have control over your body OR your emotions. You are no longer in the driver seat of your destiny, and are helpless to the whim of the little thing inside you. It's a painful learning experience.

Everything changes somehow...from how you shower, to how you eat, to how you clean the house.

If I just sit and study or work in the library my day goes by pretty well because that requires no real movement (except for the back and forth to get French Cocoa coffee out of a machine...YUM).

But if, like today, I spend part of it getting errands done, my evening is spent limping and waddling around the apartment with icky hip pains. Today was especially surprising because all I did in terms of errands was take some clothes over to an alteration shop (maternity pants are way too long for a shortie like moi and Seattle weather means wet pant cuffs if they are even a cm longer than the shoes!) and also spent about 30 minutes in Payless shoes browsing for stuff to wear to our Cancun vacation next week (of course didn't find anything for that particular purpose but still managed to purchase some shoes).

Pregnancy is in a way, hijacking/taking over the body. No one warns you of all the trouble you go through...pregnant women in the media etc are shown glowing and all happy with their round bellies...but no one mentions the heartburn, the worries about every ache in the abdomen, the lower back pains, the worries about being a good mother...the changing relationship with your husband.