Wednesday, April 2, 2008

20 week appointment tomorrow

Tomorrow morning I get a balled stick stuck up my hoo-ha and then wiggled around...oh the joys!

My ultrasound doc is different than my regular OBGYN. Last time I met him he was a bit TOO talkative for my tastes...he actually apologized for saying the word "down's syndrome"! I mean how politically correct do you need to be? These poor OBGYNs are so concerned about getting sued...I guess rightfully so.

Hopefully tomorrow will answer lots of questions and finally satisfy both my in - laws and my family...almost every time I talk to them, they ask when the crucial sex-determining appointment will be. And everytime I tell them April 3rd, but of course they forget within a span of 2 days. :-)

My brother told me today that he wants a boy because that way he can teach him all these dance moves (my brother is an avid pop-locking break dancer) and he also wants to install in him a good dose of cuss words. While I'm not happy about the cuss words, I did mention what's wrong with teaching a girl all the dance moves? I'm sure a little girl would love to learn anything from her supposedly hip young uncle. His answer? "Oh girl's are way too "dainty" and she will probably always ask me for barbies." HILARIOUS.

My in - laws think it's a parents and brother are convinced it's a boy. I've dreamt of little baby boys (teaching them how to pee in a toilet in the dream). But I've also been staring at little girls in the library or nail parlours I frequent...they are so adorable with their clothes and innocent facial expressions, my heart just melts! This 10 year old girl was getting her nails done at the same time I was, and decided to chat it up with me...It was the cutest conversation because it was INTELLIGENT (not baby talk) and innocent at the same time. Right then I wanted a girl who I could someday have a sane conversation with when she turns 10, and take her to do all the girly things I love to do (like go to the salon).

At the same time, baby boys with fat chubby cheeks are too cute for words. If I have a boy it better be CHUBBY. Hehe.

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Sraikh said...

Ohh exciting. Cant wait to hear an update