Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Conversation with Mom

Mom: So you need to look up the Durga Chalisa (a religious text) online and read it daily from now on.

Me: Umm no freaking way Mama.

Mom: STOP trying to be Christian!! You guys are not Christian!!

Me: (flabbergasted & confused as to how she came up with this) Mama how does not doing certain Hindu rituals make me Christian? Do we go to church? No! I told you that I'd go to the temple once this week for your sake.

Mom: It is my duty to tell you these things, you two are HINDU.

Me: Mama, I believe in God generally, and I enjoy participating in various Hindu holidays, but I just can't pray daily, do the little things you want me to do because I just don't believe in it. And G is an athiest, btw if I haven't already told you 10x.

Mom: MAKE G believe in God and MAKE him do the holiday rituals with you. You need to read these texts for your baby's sake! You two are making horrible mistakes for the health of your child.

Me: No. No. No. I will go to the temple sometime, but I will not read the chalisa daily. This is all you are going to get from me.

Mom: (And the rants continue from her side and my harsh responses to make her understand).


Sraikh said...

That sounds like my mom. She always wants us(my sisters and I) to pray and do fasts. We never do.

But you know whats worse, these desi ladies in the apt complex, they actualy hold bhajaans every week..Arggh!

Dee said...

MIL: Read gita everyday.
MIL: So what if DH does not believe in God, you can do all pujas and soon he will begin to believe too.

Err. this after him living for 20 years in a house where the only conversation deals with religion and turning atheist. Don't think so.

Me said...

sraikh - i bet the bhajaans are loud and annoying...hehe I like them only in temples!

dee - I know I'm in same hubbie's an athiest and my MIL and Mom claim that I can convert him back by doing various things! Like they don't realize that one reason I married him was because of the athiesim!