Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby Kicks & Cold

This baby likes to kick....not just straight on the tummy, or sides, or even below the navel....he likes kicking me down south in my CHA - CHA. And these kicks, when they occur, shock the begeezus outta me!

Will discuss with doctor...but lately I've been dissapointed in my doctor. Not that he's bad...he's been okay....it's just that sometimes he makes me want to stick a fork in his head. He assumes SO MUCH about me....I realize these guys see tons of preggo ladies and have heard every complaint in the book. But I've had this cold now for months, and it just keeps getting worse. My hearing has lessened, I'm pretty sure it's some form of sinitus. I go through tissues and nasal spray much more frequently now....it just can't be normal for a preggo woman! His nurse just keeps saying "take Tyenol Cold...drink lots of fluids..." And they have never even bothered to look inside my nose/throat/ears! Aren't doctors supposed to do that with that little hand held light?

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Anonymous said...

You might ask your GP about the sinus issues. My OB never bothered with anything beyond OB/GYN issues; I hit my GP quite regularly for everything else. :-)