Friday, April 25, 2008

Eating breakfast influences sex?

Here's an article about a study showing how diet affects the baby's sex during conception.

Apparently there is a correlation b/w higher energy consumption and birth of baby boys. Let's see what was I eating at the time of conception? COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF FOOD...

If my baby boy was conceived during our wedding days, then I was practically gorging on wedding buffet food (morning through night). Every event came with catered food. There were sweets between meals and snacks galore.

If my baby boy was conceived during honeymoon, then I was eating at an all-inclusive resort for all three meals, and never feeling hungry (actually quite opposite). The fresh food was to our tastes because it was cooked by Indian chefs (so even the continental stuff had an indian flavor to it). This is in contrast to our recent Cancun babymoon, where the food was decent but was catered to American tourists who can't take spice.

As for the breakfast theory, I always eat breakfast, dieting or not dieting. In India pre-conception (while staying at relatives homes and preparing for the wedding) after doing my morning excersise routine I would sit down to tea in the living room and promptly find boxes of barfi (my favorite indian sweet), cashews, and various items plopped in front of me, too tempting to resist!

So yeah although this study just shows a correlation, it makes sense with what I went through...I was NOT starving or dieting during the time of conception.


Sraikh said...

I dont trust these studies. next week they will publish something new.
Hows the cold now?

Me said...

Cold is same, if not worse! argh.