Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Two days ago I made

Rajma (kidney beans in a spicy curry) from canned beans...and I've decided I like the canned version much better than the traditional fresh beans version!! Besides tasting better, you don't have to soak them over night or put them in a pressure cooker and mess up more pots and pans. The minute you think of having rajma for dinner, you grind all the ingrediants and spices and pop in the beans, cook for 15 mins...no long preparation necessary.

G and I also made soya nuggets curry...or at least we attempted to make it. The nuggets I tasted in India were made by my mom - in - law and were really tasty. However, the nuggets we made weren't so tasty and G ate most of them (since I swear he has dulled taste buds that can take anything). We had to soak the nuggets to get the smell out of them...while soaking I got reminded of my dog's food (it smells sort of similar ... isn't dog food made of soy too?) That sounds disgusting but in reality when properly prepared they are really good and healthy.

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