Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How do I notify you?

Dear Readers,

A few of you left comments on the last post stating that you would like the link to the new blog. PLEASE add your email, or at least a blog address where I can go and add a comment on your blog!

Anjali, I can't reach email and no blog profile so I can't reach your blog either.

Ayesha - Same thing, when I click on your name it goes to profile unavailable.

You may email me at if you don't want to post your email on my comments.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Have written a few new posts on the newer blog, am excited to share.


Sue said...

So glad your new blog is up and running! :)

Were you able to link over to my blog with my previous comment? I just feel a little funny putting my email address "out there," if that makes sense.

Hope this works!

Anonymous said...

Hope you got my email with my email address.


Munchkin said...

hey ,you didnt mail me your new url...miss om updates...please add me

Anonymous said...

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Anandi said...

Just clicked over from Sepia Mutiny. Looks like we live in the same town. Would love a link to your new blog :)

30in2005 said...

Please can you send me your blog link. My email id is