Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stuff that makes Pregnant Ladies Cry

Okay I'm not a weepy type person (not to imply that crying is in any way bad, in fact it's healthy). I can be very sad and not shed one tear. Usually I cry when I'm angry, and the frustration will come out in waves of angry tears.

However nearing the end of my 2nd trimester, with the hormones raging through my body and the general feelings of illness increasing profusely, I've noticed several crying triggers. Since I love to make lists, here we go:

1. I cried on the day we moved from our apartment to our new rental home (just last week). I was so exhausted from packing & cleaning (I didnt do heavy lifting) and the odd eating schedule coupled with my mind racing with things that needed to be done.

2. While visiting my folks in Minnesota, I cried when my brother came into my old bedroom and started annoying me. My Dad freaked out and bitched my brother out, and now my parents are on his case to not upset me in any way, however minor. They are worried about the baby!

3. While showing my parents our reception DVDS (they arrived in the mail months after our actual wedding reception) the scene where the bride (me) hugs everyone and leaves with hubbie (G) was dubbed with a really sad song. In reality I was extremely happy on my wedding day, and although it was sad to see my Mom shed tears while hugging me I couldn't wipe the huge grin off of my face. However when I watched all of this on the DVD just 2 days ago, the combination of the song, the scene of hugging Mom/Dad, and the fact that I was sitting in my parents living room 6 months pregnant (which is surreal in and of itself) just let all the water pipes in my head loose. Below is the song that was dubbed over the scene, for those who don't speak Hindi the actress is saying "Dad why did I grow up?" and asks what's the hurry to get married and leave her house when she loves her Dad so much. The Dad responds similarily but also mentions that she must leave she can't always just live with him.

I don't have such a lovey dovey relationship with my parents as the girl in this video does, but I do love them and being married and pregnant away from them definetly makes me miss them. I feel more sad for them than I do for myself...I have tons of new stuff going on, and can keep myself very occupied. My parents, however, are about to have empty nest syndrome (once my bro leaves). My dad took out my baby pics and that just made me sadder...he remembers EVERYTHING about my birth, my toddler years like they were just yesterday. He can recall stories to the smallest detail. He told me about a dream he had of me and my brother as toddlers following him around. My parents just go to work and come home and cook and watch TV...their lives were pretty much centered around raising us, so I become concerned when I'm not around them because I know seeing me makes them happy.

4. Reading or seeing any stories about a dog dying. SERIOUSLY. Like this one:
http://www.kunstler.com/mags_chloe.html It's long but if you scroll down to the end the ever faithful dog survives cancer but manages to get hit by a car and perish in the hospital when her owner wasn't near her. AAACK too sad!

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