Friday, May 30, 2008

28 week Doctor visit

Got my test results for blood glucose et al. OBGYN said I'm borderline gestational diabetes patient...which just FRUSTRATES me...NOT another pill/condition/ailment please! I also had a very low iron count.

But luckily there were no pills prescribed...Doc said to just cut out the carbs and actually gave me specific directions to eat one red meat meal a day and alternate spinach/leafy greens every other day. He basically said no white rice, no pasta, no white breads. Increase dairy (I already drink so much of it, hence I'm so fat!).

I make white basmati rice almost daily because both G and I like eating it with Indian dishes (as opposed to the traditional indian breads such as roti). Roti takes longer and more work to make, plus I'm no where NEAR experienced enough in making perfectly round rotis and kneeding the dough.

I grew up in a house where we have at least one meat dish a day, but after getting married and having to cook I really haven't adhered to that. So anyway since I really don't like the taste of red meat I just need to increase my chicken intake. Also going to try out brown rice varieties instead of basmati....I think it'll be good for G as well!

Otherwise baby is doing fine and kicking like crazy. My hips are slowly breaking down...I feel this numbing sensation down the left leg as the uterus pinches into my nerves. By the end of the day I'm limping like a 90 year old woman with hip replacment surgery. The freakiest thing? The small toe on my left foot started STRANGE! I swear pregnant ladies get the oddest of symptoms, and you get to feel sensations you've never felt before.

Nose is same as before, except now I've added Nasacort to my list of meds. Both the OBGYN and the pharmacist said the cortisteroid amount is so minute that it shouldn't affect baby since I'm must spraying it into my nose and not actually ingesting anything. Nasacort is supposed to actually CURE the problem instead of dealing with my symptoms. It should take 10 days before the swelling in my passages goes down. My fingers are crossed that this works!

Ladies who preach to me "Well when I was pregnant I didn't take ANYTHING" annoy me. When they realize the pills I am taking they look at me like I'm this bad mother. Well I'm pretty sure that those ladies who say that had a fairly decent pregnancy, with milder symptoms. If I didn't have the nose issue, I would be a happy camper. Getting 3 hours of sleep nightly for 9 months due to choking on mucous is probably not good for the baby. I'm not taking any meds for my hips, I'm suffering through that because I refuse to add another pill. And, I always get doctor approval before I ingest anything. There is a difference between a light sinus cold and a SEVERE rhinitus congestion that inhibits daily functioning such as sleep and eating. I hate when people tell me "oh just take some steam" or "get a humidifier" Don't they think that I've tried everything under the sun before resorting to medications? A cold during pregnancy is NOT the same as a regular cold. Symptoms are magnified. When I'm plugged, I can't breathe, taste, smell, or sleep. When I'm runny, I have to blow every 2 minutes (which inteferes with anything I happen to be doing at the moment). If it weren't for the nasal sprays and occasional cold meds, I would be bedridden and miserable.


Sraikh said...

Chikki, I hope the Nascort works soon. And i think you need to just ignore these stupid cows. You have entered a new phase where each and every action of yours will come under huge scrutiny.
Epidural vs Natural
Breastfeed vs Formula
Sleeping in Crib vs Co-Sleeping
Diapers vs Cloth Diapering
SAHM vs Working Moms

The battles will go on. What one learns is to ignore them

Anonymous said...

Hi Venu,
I swear that the nose magically becomes unplugged once you've had the baby! I noticed about a week ago that my nose is all back to normal. I had a stuffy nose--not as bad as yours--but trust me that it does go away.

Me said...

sraikh - Thanks for the advice! Will try to ignore.

Sab - Ugh thank god! I hope that happens to me too.

M D said...
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M D said...

My mother in law, Gerry, is a Dutch woman with big bones and big frame. A very physical and outdoor person. I am tiny and I prefer staying indoors and do my own things. It's really very frustrating when people start comparing. Gerry drives, Gerry swims, Gerry can carry 2 heavy barrels, Gerry went skiing when she was 8 months pregnant, Gerry was in labour for 24 hours but refused to take drugs, Gerry got back to her pre-pregnancy weight in less than 6 months, Gerry is tough...Gerry is this and Gerry is that!! Give me a break!
Sigh, why do people make comparisons is just beyond me.
I had to deal with severe morning sickness for a couple of months and I feel like my lower back is going to rip itself off from my body. I try not to take medication but I know that when things go really bad, I have to do what is necessary.