Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh baby!

Our little Mexican jumping bean is definetly that....he kicks and rolls all day lately! I actually really love it, because it's a constant reassurance that all is well. When he doesn't kick I get that nagging feeling that something's not right...

I feel his little hands on my lower belly and his legs on my upper belly.

Oh and the other day I looked in the mirror and saw little blue veins starting to appear on the sides of my ever growing lump...so weird! Like I said before, pregnancy makes you experience the strangest sensations and changes in the body. The human body is amazing!

Trying to control cravings for sweets and junk food...I look at fruit and want to GAG. I want to drink chocolate milk 24/7, dip cookies into the chocolate milk, basically eat any type of pastry item, eat pizza and chicken nuggets... so yeah need to do something about this, my baby will come out FAT (besides making me fat!).

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