Thursday, June 19, 2008

31 Week Ultrasound

So today was our last ultrasound for the baby. The radiologist doesn't really need to do any more measurements since he's found whatever he's supposed to find already. I also decided not to go ahead with purchasing a DVD of the ultrasound because although it's cool to see our baby, it's not like he's doing anything to make the DVD exciting (like dancing a jig). The best ultrasound was the 2nd one back a few months when we caught the little booger sucking on his thumb. Other than that it's just been cute to see baby's face and get his stats on weight and his clubbed feet.

From now on I have regular visits with my OBGYN, counting down to the due date. The radiologist today said our baby is in the 35% percentile, down from 45% at the last visit. That's disheartening a bit because I've been trying to get this baby to GROW. Apparently I've only managed to make myself grow (lotsa lumps and bumps now!) and he's now barely 4 lbs. Blah. I guess I just need to be hardcore on the protien and milk and forgoe the carbs (oh but carbs are soooo tasty!) Most of baby's growth is due to uterine blood flow and I can't really do anything for that. I'm also going to look into iron supplements. I guess I have to just keep on eating and hoping he catches up!


Anonymous said...

Hi Venu,
Adi was in the 33rd percentile for weight and he was just fine so don't worry about that too much. Plus, he's got time to grow. I was glad he wasn't huge as it made the birthing easier... :)

Me said...

That's reassuring!