Saturday, June 7, 2008

Yay something works

So Nasacort has been great as a medication. I've been able to sleep through the night (well, mostly sleep through, I still can't control my bladder!). I don't wake up with the horrendous congestion that I've had for months now. Yes there is still congestion, and it's no where near normal breathing, but at least it comes and goes in phases now through the day, and I can almost predict the levels of congestion. I still can't do the breathing excersises in my yoga class (requires breathing through the nose). But at least there is some relief!

The hips are slowly 8pm daily I am pretty much done with any sort of activity (besides lounging around). Baby's the size of a cabbage now, so I guess it's due to his size and weight and my pelvic bone expanding to accomodate him. I reaching the point where none of my pre-pregnancy shirts work now, so yesterday I purchased some tops from Mimi Maternity. I figure a few of them I'll be able to wear post-partum. I'm more hesitant to purchase tons of maternity pants because I'm pretty sure they'll be too big to wear afterwards.

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