Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Long week over

So since June 1st I've been working on setting up our new house almost daily. UGH. We don't even have that much stuff, but somehow being preggo slows the whole process down.

This past week we had our baby blessing party and two of my undergraduate college friends visited me here in Washington. It was great to see them, and to have them see me preggo. :-) On Wednesday, Ida, my friend since freshman year college who lived down the hall from me in the dorm, arrived in the evening. The drive home from the airport was long due to traffic but we got a chance to catch up in the car. We came home and we planned a bit for the baby blessing party (games etc.). Then we watched Monsoon Wedding since she hadn't seen it.

Thursday morning Ida and I went shopping at Baby's R Us and had fun picking out stuff to use in the party (and of course use later when baby arrives). This was the first time I actually ventured into that store....7 months into the pregnancy. :-) Then we stopped for coffee and talked our ears off. We picked up Shilpa from the airport after that (I met her sophomore year of college in the biology labs) and went to a Thai place for lunch. We went to Pikes Place in Seattle and walked around for a long time. We went back home and Shilpa and Ida watched our reception DVD from our wedding. After dinner we watched another movie and passed out.

Friday we woke up a bit late and leisurely got ready. We went to Snoqualamie Falls park which was really close to our house (relatively speaking). Ida was a bit afraid of heights. We had lunch at a really gross Chinese place and then went to see the Sex and the City movie. I thought that Big was going to die in the movie so I was surprised with the ending. After that we went shopping at Linens and Things and then returned to Baby s R Us where both Ida and Shilpa pitched in and got our baby a cute swing that can be turned into a rocker once he is a toddler. We stuck around Bellevue for a while and picked up G, then went to a south indian place for dinner while we waited for my brother to arrive at the bus transit center (the traffic was too crazy to risk going to the airport to pick him up). My brother had checked in his little carry - on, claiming that my Mom had packed bricks in it....which was nuts because that just delayed him another 30 minutes. Later when I checked my Mom had just packed a few indian sweets (ladoos) and the carryon was not heavy at all. Sigh...little brothers.

We got home and my bro was pretty hyper on God knows what, so I had to call Mom up and have her talk to him to settle him down a bit (yes at age 28 and 25 we still have brawls that involve tattling to our parents to pacify things). We watched Monsoon Wedding again because both my bro and Shilpa hadn't seen it. Ida went to bed early.

The next morning I got up earlier than everyone and started putting things together for the baby blessing. It was actually pretty easy, the main thing was making sure everyone got breakfast and woke up in time to take showers. G went shopping for a few last minute items and the rest of us finished decorating the living room. I had fun putting on my sari that was tailored during my wedding days. The blouse BARELY fit over my chest, but I willed it into fitting because I really had no other choice to wear for the party (besides western clothes). The sari was gorgeous and one of my favorites.

The party was a good time, we had lots of games and food. I recieved lots of new and used items for the baby. Shilpa had to leave during the party since she had to get back to California to start packing for her big move to Detroit. My brother took an hour smoke break during the party and then took a 3 hour he basically only participated for 1 hour of the party. Sigh...what can a big sister do? The rest of the day we chilled at home and then drove Ida for her red-eye flight back to Minnesota.

Sunday we took my brother to Levenworth, a little touristy German town in Washington. We walked around and took silly pictures. Monday G had to go to work so I took my brother shopping for new shoes to wear to work. After hitting 5 stores in Bellevue Square he finally decided on a pair. Then I drove him through Seattle to show him the Space needle etc. He wasn't too interested in actually stopping and seeing anything so we just drove through and went back home. We were going to see a movie but none of the timings were right. Tuesday morning he left for Minnesota. He of course didn't tell Mom and Dad when he was returning so I got a panicked phone call from Dad wondering what time his flight was landing. My parents do not use cell phones and do not frequent the internet, so my bro was calling the landline at home when he arrived while both of my parents were at work. Eventually confusion resulted because Mom left work early to pick him up but he ended up taking a taxi home. Such is the organization and planning of my immature brother.

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patrick said...

i noticed that Sex and the City has a polarizing effect on both men and women... people either love the movie or they hate it