Friday, June 27, 2008

My little alien baby

Lately he moves around a ton. I can even see his little legs or heels pushing into my upper abdomen. This morning I almost caught hold of him, but he moved away. FREAKY!

I love when he's super active during the day because I can tell where he is located...certain parts of my belly will be super hard and certain parts super soft...the hard parts are where he is currently choosing to rest...and sure enough if I poke or prod there he'll slowly inch away and that area will turn soft.

His favorite time of day to move is early morning...which is funny because I've heard that babies like to move after they get a jolt of sugar...that early in the morning I usually have an empty stomach. This guy likes to move when I'm sleepy and awake to the sound of G getting ready in the mornings. The next round of acrobatics occur after breakfast or lunch. Then it becomes less and less until evening time, and when I fall asleep he's usually asleep too.

These are the only part of pregnancy that I feel is really special. The rest of being pregnant just sucks, sorry to say. These hard movements don't really occur until the late 2nd and 3rd trimester, and they decrease as the baby has less room to fool around. Oh and it's cool to catch your baby on the ultrasound sucking his thumb or moving.

For those ladies trying desperately to get preggo, I hope they distinguish between being pregnant and being a MOTHER. You can adopt and be a mother. But who WANTS to be that desperately pregnant? Sorry I am totally biased because I've had gross pregnancy symptoms. God needs to give me some serious amnesia for me to actually TRY and become pregnant again soon after this one. And when I say desperate, I mean like taking years and years of procedures and medications to become pregnant.

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