Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How I love lists

Items purchased for new home (with links for viewing pleasure)

Items still coming:

  • Slipcovers for old couch set
  • Coffee table for family room
  • lamps for master bedroom
  • Crib, changing table, glider, and pack and play
  • Either a tv stand or something to hook the tv to the wall
  • Reciever/speakers for TV

Areas still needing work:

  • Guestbedroom needs to be set up for guests, right now we are sleeping in it while we wait for mattresses to be delivered.
  • Office/bedroom still has tons of boxes that need to be emptied/arranged.
  • Baby's room ('nuff said)
  • Family room needs to get the TV situation sorted out (where to put TV etc)
  • Living room needs to have old coffee tables polished and then slipcovers added, and all clutter items transported upstairs.
  • Kitchen is done, except need to organize pantry so I can actually move my whale sized body in and out of it.
  • Garage has tons of boxes and garbage from recent purchases. Need to figure out what to do with those.

Things to do before baby arrives:

  • Purchase crib, changing table, and glider. Set up changing station and nursing station.
  • Tour the hospital and ask doc lots of questions.
  • Finish all of my work projects.
  • Finish setting up the new home.
  • Make sure nails are done, toes painted, hair is freshly trimmed (err & I mean hair everywhere)
  • Battery in video camera ready to go? Camera ready?
  • Make hospital bag and list of important phone numbers. Make sure no rotting foods in fridge. Stock up on food in fridge.

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Anonymous said...

Get your glider on Craig's list. There are new ones posted daily so just keep checking it. It's not worth the $ to buy a new one.