Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby Hiccups

He's been on a hiccuping spree. At least once a day he dives into hiccuping for 2 minutes or so. These little jolts are about 4 seconds apart and felt in the extreme lower abdomen, near the crease between the thighs and stomach. I have to calm him down by massaging that area otherwise he keeps going! Poor kid, my hiccups hurt, I hope his don't!

The doctor said it's pretty normal and nothing to be worried about. I looked up causes of hiccups and there's no real explaination. Maybe my baby is laughing too hard inside? I know that gives me hiccups!


Anonymous said...

He'll continue to get hiccups after birth, too. Plus, his jaw will quiver. It's all the development of the nervous system as early on it overshoots the signals so they're too strong. Eventually his body will figure out what's right. Hiccups don't bother them at all. We talked with our pediatrician in length about it as we were concerned, too. Adi has hiccups all the time...both when I was preggo and even now...

Me said...

I just read about this in "what to expect the first year" about nervous system overshooting itself. Weird! At least it's normal.