Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just another lovely lil discomfort of pregnancy...

He's started kicking my coochacha HARD. It feels sometimes like he's doing a little jig on my cervix. I've read that it could mean that his head is grinding against the cervix, and not to worry since apparently the cervix is much stronger than it seems. As long as there is no body part making its way into the vagina, I guess all is well.

When it happens it's shocking and stops me in my tracks. I feel it more when I get risky and start lifting heavy items (relatively heavy items) such as grocery bags. I could mention it to the doctor, but I have a strong feeling that the doctor would either brush it off as another normal part of pregnancy or he would do something worse...actually CHECK my cervix. That, my friends, would just suck. I hated having the ultrasounds earlier in the pregnancy when they put the balled stick up my coochacha and move it around...so I know if the doctor stick his fingers in to check my cervix I'm going to scream.

So I'm just going to not mention it and keep on getting shocked. :-)

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