Sunday, May 25, 2008

Week in Review

So this past week before Memorial weekend I've been at my parents house in Minnesota chilling while G was in China for a work related trip. It was hectic, because we moved out of our apartment and into a rental home 2 days before we each left for our flights.

I would definetly recommend hiring movers. We hired ours off of Craigslist and they were relatively decent priced for what they were willing to do (pick up basically anything I point to, including trash bags full of clothes that ripped open). Somehow, despite me not carrying a thing and even having lunch that day at a neighbor's house, I was EXHAUSTED. My legs and back ached from standing too much and not changing positions frequently. At night we went back to the apartment and cleaned out as much as we could. We figured they would charge us a cleaning fee anyhow so why go nuts. The next day I spent unpacking the monstrous amount of kitchen items we own, and also managed to set up one of the bathrooms. Then we had friends over for an easy dinner, and the next morning G and I packed for our trips.

Reaching Minnesota after a grueling week was nice...I chatted with my family way into the night and slept snuggled next to my adorable puppy. The next day we watched all of our wedding DVDs from G's side. Staying at home overall was okay, but after some time you remember WHY you didn't live with them during college and WHY you are happy to set up your own home with your own rules. Dad still watches evening TV at full blast, dinner is still eaten really late..etc. Now add to the mix a brother that's home after college and jobless, who is maturing at a really slow rate (compared to his age I had a job offer, was graduating law school, had purchased a car, and had met the man I was going to marry). I'm terribly critical of his habits. I think I'm even worse now with pregnancy due to hormones. I can't stand irresponsibility. I forget things all the time, I'm a total space cadet, but once I realize something needs to be done I'm all over it. Bro hasn't really grasped such a concept yet. Mom says he will mature at age 30...let's see. Anyway so there was some nice brother-sister clashes that left me yoga breathing for baby's sake.

I also managed to hang out with my friend George a few times. We went baby clothes shopping at the Mall of America (poor George!) and the sales ladies believed we were a couple because I had forgotten my wallet and he had to whip his out like he's the Dad. :-) Then we went to the Minneapolis Museum of Art, which I thought was a really relaxing, cost - free way of spending time with a friend. After all that walking we met up with my old roomate Liz for dinner at the University of Minnesota's Dinky Town. It's funny hanging out with single friends who love to ask "So how's married life like?" and "So we've heard the good, now what's BAD about married life?" The same thing goes with pregnancy, asking "So does it hurt?" etc...I think it's their way of feeling comfortable in their single-dom. :-) I was pretty honest though, yeah marriage has it's good and bad, but I think the good outweighs any bad. I really don't miss the struggles and drama of being single and looking. Most of my single girl friends either have serious drama in their current relationships or are extremely lonely and frustrated with not finding anyone.

Liz asked me (after complaining about her current BF) "So how did you KNOW that G wouldn't be like the other boyfriends and would be a good husband?" Hmm...I really couldn't answer that. For one thing there were no hard examples of bad behavior on his part to make me hesitate...sure he could do certain things better but then so can I...sure I had doubts with him as well that were gradually relieved during our dating period. But he pretty much met all of my non-negotiables (per Dr. Phil). There are some things you just CAN'T compromise, and too many single women are blinded by love/lust into thinking things will change so it's okay to compromise for now.

Anyway back to the week...Saw Harold and Kumar Escape to Guatanomo Bay with Bro...of course thought the first one was better, although we had a few laughs with this one. Harold is much better in this sequel...the first one we liked Kumar better.

Went to my old work place to talk to my manager about the remote work I'm doing for him and also to just catch up on things...I really do miss working in an office sometimes!

Saw an ear, nose and throat specialist for the never-ending saga with my nose. He was really thorough and it was relieving to finally have someone take my complaints seriously and look inside all my head cavities with funky machines. His diagnosis was severe rhinitus caused by pregnancy. There is no infection (makes sense since no one has caught what I have), there is no sinus swelling (there goes the Neti-Pot!) and nothing except for steriod sprays will really work. Of course I'm going to avoid steroid use until after baby is born, until then I have to just keep using my addictive Afrin Nasal Spray that the doctor said is not great but at least it's giving me some form of relief so I can sleep/eat.

My parents hosted a brunch for the friends who traveled to India for our wedding back in November. Ida showed up in one of the saris she purchased while on the trip, and Dad got to feed George more green chillies. Bri learned how to make chai from Mom.

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