Tuesday, August 5, 2008

38 Week Appointment

Today went for the 38 week follow up appointment. I didn't see my usual OBGYN since he was at a family reunion (thankfully now rather than 2 weeks later!) so was seen by Dr. Lacy. First I went through the NST again and this time I made sure to have sugar and water running through my system before reaching the clinic. I think it helped because this time they didn't force me to eat during the procedure. The nurse did mention that I was a bit dehydrated. The problem is that water during my pregnancy tastes HORRIBLE. I used to drink 8 glasses of water daily before getting knocked up, but that was during work where I sat in front of the computer all day so could just hook a straw to my mouth, and I used to infuse the water with green tea bags and splenda. Green tea is not good for baby, so during pregnancy I've been doped up on gatorade and all other liquids (besides diet coke, which I drink occasionally just to tide me over...I used to LOVE diet coke). Now someone told me that gatorade isn't good for the final trimester, so I have dropped that in favor of Kool Aid, Gingerale, water (when I don't gag, which is usually during the nite) and of course milk and all it's varieties (smoothies, indian lassi).

Anyway I digress...so the NST went fine and the substitute OBGYN measured my belly and asked a billion questions, which is good but very different than my usual OBGYN, who pretty much just decides things for me. Normally I would be worried, but I've found that my normal OBGYN is usually right on point and so far I have no reason to doubt his experience (which I think is more than most). I mentioned to the sub OBGYN about my HORRENDOUS itching problem that just keeps getting worse, and that the Zyrtec and steroid creams aren't really cutting it anymore. She said she can't really prescribe anything else at this point, and that other ladies at 38 weeks are coming in for appointments all bloodied from scratching themselves as well (I draw blood on my legs at least once a day, but I guess she didn't notice the scratches). I basically have to just wait until baby comes out to get rid of the rash, and continue the antihistamines. She ruled out any liver problems when I said that it all started on my belly and then spread. Apparently if it begins near the stretch marks on the belly it is more likely to be PUPPS, or a typical pregnancy rash that reveals small bumps all over the body. If it begins elsewhere it could be liver issues but of course that also requires blood work to make certain. Everything else was normal, and she asked if I could feel any pressure down near the crease between my belly and thighs. I don't, I still feel all pressure near my lungs. Guess baby isn't coming out anytime soon.

In other news I also got my first prenatal Mom to be massage. It was AWESOME and I would recommend it to anyone in their final stages. The only thing is that they are really gentle so for folks who like hard core massages this is probably not their thing. But for me, who just loves being touched period (I fall asleep at anyone even caressing my head, I love when G gently massages my shoulders) I'm the type of person who would be perfectly happy being paid in massages, they are that wonderful for me. Anyway back to the prenatal massage ... I got it done at InSpa in the Redmond Whole Foods shopping center. I had a gift card from last year (thanks Sabrina/Sachin) for my birthday/Sangeet/bachelorette part so added some more dough and got the 60 minute massage. The maseuse was very gentle and I caught myself snoring halfway through. They don't have preggo ladies lie on their stomach of course, you lie on your side and have your leg draped over a pillow.

I'm so loving the whole pregnancy massage thing that I'm going to try a massage therapist referred to by my chiropracter as well just to compare with the InSpa therapist. Why didn't I get these massages done earlier? (Of course I'm dropping money into this but hey I figure it's for making me feel good, and anything at this point that makes me forget my itchy skin and pain in the hips is worth it).

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Sraikh said...

You are almost there! The spa sounds heavenly. I love going for massages. I did one everyday in Bangkok because it was so cheap.