Thursday, August 14, 2008

Almost there!

Yesterday, Aug 13:

8:15 am - Awesome pre-natal massage from a deep tissue therapist.

12:30 pm - Weekly checkup with OBGYN. NST goes normal after nurse freaks out from seeing baby not moving for 30 minutes, then proceeds to feed me to get the heart rate up. Nurse is thoroughly relieved and I am thoroughly annoyed by her freakout session. I am also very naseous all of a sudden. OBGYN does the internal exam and says I am 1.5 cm dilated. (HATED internal exam BTW).

2:00 pm - Rush home, leave keys in the door in my absent minded nausea, and hug the porcelain bowl for a while. After vomiting, lay in bed and try to read. Contractions begin in my lower abdomen, feels like a bad stomach ache, and occur every 30 to 40 minutes.

5:00 pm - Try to get mind off of contractions, call up a friend and chit chat for a bit. G calls saying he is coming home early (thank goodness!)

6:00 pm - G comes home and makes the chicken curry I was orignally planning to make. I load dishwasher. Try to eat chicken, take one bite and rush to the bathroom and empty my stomach of any further solid items.

8:00 pm - Go on walk with G around neighborhood. Still having random contractions that are just irritating, but not excruciating. Keep trying to contact Mom but she's working late.

10:00pm - Feeling really crappy by now. Take a shower, notice that mucous plug has started to leak out of me. G and I research online as to what that means. Call up G's sister in India, she contacts some doctors she knows and basically tells us to go to the hospital. I am SO not up for random visit to the hospital that will end up taking 3 hours of our night, only to be sent back home. I call the hospital nurse line and explain to them my symptoms, and as I had guessed the nurse said this is early labor and that I can totally wait this out at home to see if it gets worse.

11:00pm - Vomit again, contractions continue. Go to sleep, toss and turn all night with extreme itch, keep waking up.

4:30 am - Contractions subside and I wake up still not feeling hungry (and not have eaten anything all day before) but decide to try to eat for sake of baby. I hope today is not a repeat of yesterday. If I have contractions I want to go into the hospital and have this baby, not just feel like crap all day with no delivery!


Sraikh said...

Ohh sounds so close and yet.
The L&D here dont admit you until one is at least 3 cm dilated and has strong contractions lasting 1 min,10 mins apart for a hour.. or some crap like that.

I hated the early labor contractions stuff.. Few things that worked for me:

1.Taking long walks
2. Nipple stimulation in lame attempt to jumpstart labor(I was 10 and 12 days late with my 1st and 2nd pregnancies)

goodluck and post an update when you can!!

Me said...

Hmm I didn't know about #2! I may have to use your tips after today (once Mom finally arrives) :-)