Saturday, August 16, 2008

40 Weeks

After 3 days of zero appetite, vomiting, naseau, and loose stools (gross I know), I finally had to drag myself to the birthing ward in the hospital to get some sugar running through my veins. Friday morning I woke up and felt extremely guilty about baby not eating anything, so I talked to baby and told him that this morning we are going to eat toast with peanut butter and jelly with milk on the side. I went back upstairs to eat in bed, and took one bite and immediately my gag reflex kicked in. I rushed to the bathroom and did a repeat of the past few days.

Frustrated and concerned (and not feeling hungry at all, which was really weird), I called up the OBGYN nurse and she arranged to have me go to the birthing ward. After cleaning the house a bit (I was worried I may end up in labor) I left. The nurse in the birthing ward was super nice, and she kept me company while I was hooked up to an IV for 3 liters of dextrose and whatever other chemicals. I was put in a room similar to what I'll be in for actual labor, so I got a little experience of utilizing the bed. I felt much better after 4 hours of the fluid (although my hands hurt from the IV) and the other nice part was that my OBGYN was performing a c-section at the same time so he dropped by to say Hi to me and check how my blood tests etc were going. So far I'm really happy with Overlake Hospital nurses and doctors. They call you back very soon, depending on the severity of the situation (in dehydration they called me back within 10 minutes, otherwise they take a couple hours). The doctor is very hands on as well, instead of referring everything to nurses. But let's wait and see how the actual delivery goes and if my doctor shows up.

Friday night I was able to eat some food, and today went relatively smoothly with food etc. Looks like my body needed that round of IVs. In other news my hands and feet are incredibly swollen, and I'm having constant Braxton Hicks contractions. Walking is becoming harder and harder, and I feel like I'm on my period 24/7 (the cramping etc). Tonight we pick up Mom for her visit for 2 weeks.

And I'm craving slushies. From the gas station. Go fig.

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