Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2 months

Om turns 2 months old this weekend, and since I am SO bad at updating his activities on here on a timely basis, I'll just do it a few days early. :)

- Om coos and gurgles a lot now, talks to objects such as the toys in his baby gym. If in the mood, he talks to photographs and paintings on the wall.

- Om swats his hands at objects. I dont think he intentionally does it, but sort of randomly hits things in his way.

- Growing chubbier, taller, and cuter by the minute.

- My little man has a mustache. Takes after his Dad in body hair. :-)

- His hands are ALWAYS dirty no matter how many times we wash them.

- I remind myself of those primate mothers (chimpanzees, apes) that pick at their babies (and eat the bugs they find). I constantly remove eye boogers, nose boogers, dandruff, behind - the - ear - gunk, leftover milk cheese on his mouth, and finger lint. I've even bitten off his finger nails.

- Om hates sleeping during the day. Nuff said.

- Om makes the cutest frowny face when he's frustrated with something.

- Om has finally smiled intentionally. It usually happens once or twice a day when we are talking to him or when I find him talking to himself in his bassinet early in the morning. (I just wish he smiled more!! It would make all the work worthwhile).

- Om is finally eating regularily and finishes each bottle.

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