Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just a year ago...

I was living in my parents house in MN. Everyday I would go to work 20 minutes away at an ecommerce company. I loooved working...discussing problems and challenges with my manager, interviewing engineers about their inventions, researching new technology, and ultimately prosecuting patent applications. I especially liked managing my own time and choosing which project I felt like working on at the moment.

I would come home fairly late since I preferred arriving at the office later in the day and staying late. I would eat dinner on my own and then go excersise, usually run around my parents neighborhood. Sometimes I'd call up my friend George and we'd run in his neighborhood or we'd use his punching bag in his steamy garage.

I'd probably get a phone call from G on his way back from work (due to different time zones). I'd lay on my bed and chat with him about our day. Then I would get ready for bed and go downstairs to the basement to do 500 jumprope.

It was a simple relaxing time, full of excitment for planning a trip to India for our wedding and the trip to London to see relatives. Lots of shopping, planning sessions with parents and friends, etc. I was physically full of energy and healthy. I was also planning a trip to Baltimore to see a college friend.

I was looking forward to moving to Washington, spending time with my new husband, and eventually going back to work for the same company in Minnesota (either by remote work or by traveling every week to MN). My goal was to take salsa lessons and do lots of experimental cooking, and go travel with my husband.

Then we got pregnant. :-) And now I'm always tired, have odd aches in my body, 30 lbs heavier than I was, living with a mother in law along with a new husband (no privacy), pressured to finish one more exam so that I can find a good job, just getting out of a post partum funk (baby blues) and have a 9 lb mini-me sleeping in the bassinet next to me.

Life is full of surprises. I'm just glad that they are happy surprises.


Anonymous said...

That's called life I guess. You plan for a and xyz happens. A year from now, you will be 30 lbs lighter, you would passed the patent exam and Om will be celebrating his 1st birthday.. Finger's crossed :)

Me said...

:-) Thanx for the encouragment!

Munchkin said...

Hey Me,
Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other life is a testament to that too :)
And don't worry about the air travel. If I'm not wrong , Om will be about 4 months old then. Just remember to carry some baby nasal spray, Tylenol (for earaches I'm told) and wear a top which enables BFing easily.(I prefer something I can lift as opposed to something you unbutton. The first one hides your assets better while nursing the baby)
If your lucky, he'll simply sleep through it all :)

Deepa said...

They are indeed happy surprises! The pictures of Om are lovely. I hope you're doing well. When do you get the results from the patent bar?

Me said...

munchkin - Om will be 7 months when we travel in March (sorry I probably didn't make that clear in my comment). Thanx for the suggestions, I think the BFing top makes sense (lifting type).

Me said...

deepa - I haven't taken the patent bar yet. I plan to purchase a course this week (barbri) and study off of their syllabus. Just reading the MPEP (rules) straight is not working for me. I'll probably take the bar in January/Feb (before my mom in law leaves for India).