Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When you are having a bad day

It doesn't mean you have to treat others disrespectfully. Especially if you are working in a customer service type job (where the whole point of working there is solving and explaining issues).

I just got off the phone with the King County Elections office (I needed to make a correction on my registration status). A lady was SO incredibly rude to me. I was asking her questions to explain to me why something was a certain way (won't get into details too boring) and she was silent...then said "How else can I help you?" I was confused to why she didn't answer my question, so asked her again. Then she said "Why are you arguing with me?" (At this point I was super confused, I thought I was being very polite). Then she had the nerve to say "There are something called deadlines" and proceeded to DEFINE to me what a deadline was (I had actually met the deadline, that wasn't the issue, she just didn't seem to understand what I was saying). I was shocked that a customer representative could be so rude, so I said "Look at that sarcasm, can I talk to your manager?" She put me on hold, then came back to say "I'm sorry the manager doesn't want to speak to people who don't understand. You won't be able to vote." THEN HUNG UP on me.

I started crying (post partum hormones are very much running through my veins) and then called the elections office back, and got a NORMAL person to talk to me. She assured me that everything with my voter registration status was fine, and that the person I had talked to previously obviously had something wrong with her. She went and told the supervisor what happened and he's looking into who could have been so rude.


I_have_been_thinking said...

I agree with you totally.If you are having a bad day it doesn't justify your spoiling someone else's. Back in India though ppl in govt offices generally take that to be their right and we have so gotten used to it that if it happens here once in a while I do not mind that much :)

Me said...

Oh gosh, in India it's ten times worse I totally agree.

Last year I had to cash my traveler's checks at a bank in Shimla. The bank teller actually had the nerve to speak to a random person next to me about how bad my signature looked on the checks and how I must be committing fraud. I told him to go ahead and verify it then by calling the appropriate people. Nope, he wanted to just bitch about it. Thank goodness my sister in law's in law's aunt worked there so we could get the checks cashed. ARGH!

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope her supervisor finds out and rips her a new one.

Me said...