Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday G

We celebrated G's 34th Birthday on Dec. 19th. Since we were snowed in (this coming from a Minnesotan who transferred to Washington...sort of ridiculous) we kept the celebration low - key at home.

My gift to G was a homemade cake. G said he loves Chinese pineapple sponge cakes, but I couldn't find any decent recipes online (most of them required steaming the cake in a wok...too complicated for moi'). Instead, I used reduced sugar yellow cake mix. The water in the cake mix was replaced with evaporated milk, and the middle layer frosting was cream cheese mixed with vanilla flavor and crushed pineapple. For the top layer of frosting I used heavy cream whipped in the KitchenAid mixer (I love that thing!) with very little sugar added, then topped the whole cake with coconut and edible Christmas decorations. The cake came out not too sweet (some cakes are total sugar overload) but tasty. I could have easily purchased a cake from a bakery, but I enjoy doing stuff like this...I think in the future I'm going to invest in some cake decorating supplies and actually make the cakes prettier. Maybe borrow some books from the library on cake decorating. HAHA dream on...when I actually have time (which is never).
Anyway, Happy Birthday to my sweet, melt - in - water, cute cute cute, G.


Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday G! And that cake looks beautiful aand yummy :)

Julia's Mom said...

Happy Birthday G! I'm assuming that is your hubby? Thanks for your comment over at my blog. Yes, it has been a hard time lately but i'm taking steps to make it better. Its unbelievable how much weight i've put on without changing my lifestyle. It makes me so mad!! Its definitely a journey that not just anyone understands. Tell me about you..

my email is Stephanie Shifrin 1 @ yahoo . com

Without the spaces..

Mama - Mia said...


i bow to all women who can bake-shake!! seriously!!

that cake looks like work of a professional! hats off!

and happy bithday to G! :)