Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Question about Celebrating Holidays

I have a question for the fellow bloggers (and lurker readers) out there, especially if you are of Indian origin.

Why do some Indians (or any immigrants for that matter) celebrate holidays, such as New Year's, on the day it occurs in their home country INSTEAD of the day it occurs in their current country? For example, my Mom - in - Law is celebrating New Year's Day tomorrow, the 31st because in India it would have already changed to 2009. She also celebrated me and my hubbie's birthdays a day before the actual date.

Is it just a love of their home country? When I was in India during my wedding, I celebrated the holidays (Diwali, Christmas) the day it occured in India. NOT a day later to coordinate with USA time.

I don't get it. Any explainations to help out an American Born Cute Desi? :-)


Munchkin said...

Seriously??!! People do that??(slaps head in total confoundment)

Anonymous said...

My mom never did that. But there is only a 2.5 hour difference between Singapore and India.

I know some Indian ladies who do that, I seriously dont know.

Anonymous said...

I celebrate my B'day as per US time but my Mom calls me up a little before Midnight US time because I was born around 11:00 AM India time..So for her that is my B'day not 12 midnight US time onwards..
So if I was born in the US I would be born the day before my b'day a little before midnight..
But beyond that she does not put too much into celebrating festivals in advance..
She calls my Bro on the day of his b'day because he was born in the evening :)

{Pink} Aloha Monkey said...

I'd never heard of this until you mentioned it. I see the flip side of the coin. On New Year's Eve my daughter called me at midnight - my time - to wish me a happy new year.

BTW, you should try digital scrapbooking. It's less cumbersome because your supplies don't take up so much space. But beware, it's addicting. Especially since so many designers offer freebies online.

Lavs said...

Am I allowed to say that your MIL is out of her mind?
PS: delete this comment if you want to!

Me said...

Munchkin - I know right?

Asaaan - Blah it's weird

Anon - sounds complicated..i can understand to the extent of wishing on midnite...LOL

Aloha monkey - dunno if i should even venture into it...it'll be another project left undone by moi!

lavs - LOL...no comment! my hubby reads this blog :-)