Saturday, January 3, 2009

To Do List

Because I plan on writing about things and then they leave my mind...

  • Om Updates, in particular 4.5 month post
  • Weight loss update (haha whatever)
  • Holidays etc.
  • Studying updates (just for my peace of mind...too boring)
  • TV shows I have discovered I enjoy watching
  • Movie list (in lieu of the reading list)
  • Review of resolutions from the past year and new resolutions for 2009.


{Pink} Aloha Monkey said...

Your "To Do" list is too funny. I mean it's funny that you post it on your blog. I'm a list maker myself because I always forget things. The problem is that I, sometimes, lose my list. I guess you can't lose it this way.

Munchkin said...

ooh ...ooh about weight loss...please guide me to the good low fat snacks brands...much appreciated :)

Mama - Mia said...

all the ebst with those!!

and Happy New Year!! :)



veggie belly said...

I could never make a list and stick to it, so I admire you! I'm looking forward to the movie list :)

Happy New Year!