Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Minnesota Trip

Om went on an airplane for the first time in early December. Silly me of course did not take pictures on the plane, but there wasn't much excitment since Om was in deep sleep for the entire 3 hour flight. AWESOME doesn't even begin to describe it...but he did manage to do potty on the plane, which was a tad bit annoying. On the way to Minnesota the flight was empty so Om and I got 3 seats to ourselves to spread out. The extra seats were helpful during takeoff and landing to set Om down, but otherwise he remained in my lap (he refused to sleep on the seat). On the return flight we were upgraded to business class so we had ample room to adjust. Om also fell asleep for the duration of the flight. Fellow travelers around me were amazed that I had such a peaceful baby. (They do not know him very well hehe).

We spent a week at Nana and Nani's house. They were ecstatic to see Om, especially my Dad because he had not yet met Om. I didn't study the entire time in Minnesota and I also ate too much and did not go to the gym. Both my parents work so I was with Om 24/7 except for little bits here and there when my Mom took Om while I had a nap. Om also got his first kitchen sink bath. My brother cautiously picked up a baby for perhaps the first time in his life.

I cleaned out the closet in my parents house. Om enjoyed watching me sort out items to give to charity. Somewhere among all those bags is a baby. :-) Some are bigger than him.

Kitchen sink. He looks so much like G in this pic!

My handsome boyfriend in a Santa suit. All that is missing is his bag of toys and a hat. :-)

Cracking up at some joke with Nani.

Jackie was always nearby Om. It was the first time in Jackie's 11 years to meet a baby. He probably was wondering what the hell is this thing that totally ignores me! He was also confused because we all speak in high -pitched "baby talk" to Om, which Jackie is used to, so he would always rush over thinking we were talking to him!

Jackie jumping up while Om is in Nana's arms.


Mama - Mia said...

awww! this was a totally cute update!!

OM sleeping through the flight is brilliant! touchwood!

so all in all lovely time was had by one n all, naah?!

OM is getting more adorable by the minute! :)



Munchkin said...

Om is a super cutie! Aand good for you, that he didnt give you any hell on the flight....my son is also so ridiculously well behaved in pubic...its deceptive!