Monday, January 26, 2009

Various Om

Santa Claus

Chinese Baby

Indian Lady/Dulhan baby (probably going to hate me later for this)


Preppy Baby

Pink baby (again, he's not going to like this when older)

Christmas Baby

Year of the Rat Baby

:-) More to come...Om's mom cannot resist playing dress up!


Mama - Mia said...

awwwwwwwww!! i am so gonna eat him woman!! he is too cute! and i am awed by your skills! really! :D

i think Cubby is tgtoo old to allow this! bwaaaaaaaaaaahhh!! :(



Vidooshak said...

This is like the beginning of that all-time classic: "Raja Babu". Hyuk hyuk

Very cute!!

Sala said...

oh my gosh, this is SO cute! preppy suits him great!

Jo-Ann said...

What a cutie! And the 'girlie' shots are the best for when he is in high school! heehee

Btw, I hope you don't mind but I copied your idea of fellow clubfooter blogger. Even snagged a few links. :)

Munchkin said...

LMAO! especially love the dulhan one..

Me said...

Mama mia - Haha u are too funny!

Vidooshak - Hmm I'm curious now...will have to look up the beginning of Raja Babu! I've probably seen it but can't recall what you are mentioning!

Sala - Hehe thanks, that's my fave too! I'm going to bring out the hat again at a wedding we are going to.

Jo - Ann - Yup, black mail material perfect for when he gives me attitude in high school!

Munchkin - He wouldn't sit still for the dulhan one...I was going to do Kaajal (eyeliner) and all.

Priyanka said...

Very cute pics !!! You too dressed him like a girl :), I remember Avanti had tied a chhoti to Munch :)