Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pretty Breakfast

Was going through some photos and found a pic of the New Year's Day breakfast I made. Whole wheat buttermilk pancakes (eggless) with whole cream (from scratch) and blueberry topping. The drink is a home made vanilla cafe was delicious but fattening and took some time to let the vanilla bean soak into the milk.

Oh and vanilla beans are SO expensive! The cheapest I found was at Whole Foods (surprisingly, since they are so pricey for everything else). This will be a rare thing, because I refuse to buy this spice again unless necessary. I can invest in a bottle of vanilla coffee syrup instead. :-)
Other list of things I find ridiculously overpriced:
- Baby Corn (love adding this to everything)
- chopped nuts, i.e. pine nuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds.
- coconut milk (oh and why don't they make it in half can size? when will we ever use a whole can of it?)
- baby formula - the cheapo formula does not suit Om we are buying the expensive stuff. I wonder what makes the difference in digestion?


Mama - Mia said...

i bow thee you kitche godess!

and i ofcos hate you for being so good at it! :p



Jo-Ann said...

Oh yum! I too bow down to you!

As for swimming lessons, I tried when my boys were younger but found the parented classes were more games and very little skill (but a fun activity). My youngest is 4, almost 5, and in his first unparented class. He seems to be learning quite a bit already.

So the best age? I have no idea. lol