Saturday, January 17, 2009

5 Months Cuter

Om turned 5 months cute yesterday. He is such an active, expressive baby who feels lonely when we leave him alone (or just the other side of the room) even for a second! He needs stimulation and gets bored very easily!

- He has more than doubled his birth weight, but at the last checkup was only at the 30% of weight.

- His head size is at the 80% ... all that extra brain fat just means smart baby! He wears hats meant for 6 mos or older kids.

- His length was at 75%.

- He cries bloody hell murder and turns bright red that makes your heart drop when he gets his vaccinations. But after we picked him up, was bright and chipper again.

- He is so social with strangers...he chats it up with the pediatrician or the cashier.
- He giggles and laughs out loud when something is funny. He mostly laughs at his Dhadi talking to him, or when we make funny faces or sounds.

- He has now added a jumperoo to his favorite toys of swing and baby gym. He looks so adorable in it, I'll have to take a video of him playing in it!
- He's had a cold for the past couple of days that interferes a bit with is feeding/sleeping. I use the pump and saline drops in his nose before feeding/sleeping, but he cries SO hard when I do that. Not sure why, I don't think the pump actually hurts, maybe it's just annoying?

- He has cut his first tooth a couple weeks back, lower right side. We noticed another one emerging.

- He has discovered his tongue - loves to wiggle it around and out of his mouth. Just means for more drooling and the bibs are becoming even more necessary!

- He loves mashed bananas, and eats his rice cereal with hesitation. Unless, of course, we spike the rice cereal with bananas. Still eats out of his silver dish!
- Om is a screamer. Instead of just babbling or cooing, when excited he mostly tenses up and lets out a nice SCREETCH! This is especially lovely at 430am.
- He loves toys and is fascinated with any object you show him.
- He "officially" rolled over at 4 months. He was rolling over before that, around 3.5 mos, but more slowly and it took some luck, especially with a heavy brace on his feet. Now he can purposefully roll over onto his tummy. When he first discovered rolling over he did it repeatedly and then cried when he was on his tummy. We had to keep turning him over, just to have him repeat the process and then cry!

- He can sit by himself, but only for a few seconds before he leans forward to untie his shoe or grab a toy, resulting in toppling over.
- His routine is bedtime at 8pm with milk and lights out. He gets extremely cranky at 6pm, so for two hours we may give him a mini nap or play with him, but no matter what he needs to sleep at 8pm otherwise very cranky! He gets up at 12am for milk, then the next wake time is very random. At times he will wake up a beautiful 5 hours later, and then sometimes he will wake repeatedly every two hours, it depends on whether he is teething or has gas.

" Just another day swingin' with mah friends"

This is such a wonderful time with babies. When they are newborn they have very little expressions and don't do much, and plus they are a stranger to your family. But by this time they are the typical "baby" and have filled out with chubbiness, sounds, and expressions.

"Oh why did mom dress me up like a girl?"


Anonymous said...

Dude you did not put a pink hairband on your son and not only that but to put it online. Good blackmail material.. :)

I was so happy to read about his brace. I hope things continue improving for him.

Mama - Mia said...

wow!! he is doing A LOT for a 5mo baby!! and turning out to be totally adorable!

and yes they are so much more fun now! first 3 months i was quite bored of Cubby! :p

Happy 5th Om!