Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Question for the Desi folks reading this blog

Well this question is for everyone, but I thought the desi (native indian) people may relate a bit more.

Both my mom and mom in law (MIL) have this idea in their head that one must shower first thing in the morning. Even more so my MIL...at first when she would comment/criticize my nightly showering habit, I let it go. But I've heard this comment several times by now, and it's just getting annoying. Today I came back from the gym at 5pm and she went upstairs to do her evening prayer. I was with Om until G came home, then I figured well G's here to take care of the baby I'm going to shower and get my pajamas on. She started a huge speech and rant about what an odd time of day it is to shower!

A while ago, when I asked her what's behind the reasoning, she has nothing to support the argument besides "Beta yehi achha hotha hain tereliye aur tere bache keh liye. " (Daughter this is good for both you and your baby). What, if anything, does that comment mean? If I do happen to shower in the morning, boy do I get a cheery approval, like I've just won the Nobel Prize for cleanliness. It is just hilarious. I enjoy showering whenever I get the chance, whether it is morning or whenever.

Anyway there ends my rant. But maybe the desi folk can help me out with why showering in the morning is so important? Is it a cultural thing or just her?


Mama - Mia said...

oh i dont know why it is so!! even tho i am desi in India. in general its considered a good habit to have bath in the morn and be fresh to face the new day. and an evening bath can always happen as an extra! :p

i am not a stickler for morning showers! but work place means one has to. on weekends i am one for evening too! i tell M as long as its a 24hrs cycle who cares! :p



Anonymous said...

I know of people (desi) who don't eat till they have done their pooja and can't do pooja till they take a bath.
I haven't seen or heard of early morning baths at my place. We just took one when we though was right.
Now I am so far along that Maa insists that I take a hot water soak (is suppose to help with water retention or some such) and since I don't have time in the morning, she asks me to have one in the evening. Which makes early morning showers optional :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I think its because of prayers. I faced this with my MIL when in India. To pacify her, I gave the kids baths by 11 a/m.

My mom also has problems with my kids taking baths in the evening. I told her that there is no way, I can make the girls take showers before leaving at 8. Its just not possible. SHe has given up hope on me.

Munchkin said...

This is my pet peeve too...my Mum always used to nag me about it...thankfully I lucked out with my MIL on this issue...she doesnt care when u have a bath as far as you have one!

Jo-Ann said...

Sorry, not desi but wanted to say that when you have a little one at home, just having a shower in the day is a good thing, no matter when it happens!

Me said...

Mama - Exactly...as long as once in 24 hours I say! Blah.

N - Hehe thanks for making me feel better...now I can say "Well N's fam doesn't do AM showers!" LOL just kidding. Retention or no retention...I'm sure the hot soak is feeling so good at this stage! And it's good for your perineum.

Shraikh - I think you are right, it's due to prayers. But the thing is....I don't DO prayers! I would understand taking early showers if I was into prayer. Dude cleaning just one kid before 8am is an ordeal in itself. Don't blame u!

Munchkin - Hehe at least u know how I feel then!

Jo - Ann - Exactly! It's not like I'm being lazy...I'm just trying to find the ideal time to take my type of shower (shave, shampoo etc) that allows me to take ample time w/o having a crying infant etc!

veggie belly said...

When we were kids, we always showered at night! I think it was just more convenient for my mom to have us shower at the end of the day. There were no rules about this in my house. But I do know a lot of desis who shower first thing in the morning no matter what.

Priyanka said...

Hmm, my mom or MIL don't care about when I take a shower. My mom just jokes about it sometimes, she says "We can't take a shower at 10 PM like you do because our maid comes every morning to wash the clothes".
I think its done mostly for the prayers and before entering the kitchen.

Lavs said...

I am a desi...but i have not come across people showering in the morning for prayers!!Am I a rare specimen? The weather here is hot hence it makes sense to shower in the morning so that others can get near you:)
When I was in north india, during winters..i used to shower only in the afternoon when the sun peeps out..i guess its got to do with the mindset of the person...