Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Feet

The jumperoo never looked so GOOD.

The wooden tables and floor are saved.

No more questioning stares from people in public.

Today Om had his follow-up appointment at Children's Hospital in Seattle. First the orthotics team took a look at Om's feet. They were very pleased! Then Dr. Mosca checked his feet and reduced the hours Om has to wear brace. I can't tell you how amazing that Om can be a normal baby for 12 hours of the day! The orthotist said that in his many years of practice he has not seen such improvement in club feet! The dorsiflexion is great, with a 40 degree angle, which is what NORMAL babies have! Usually club foot babies do not achieve that degree of flexibility.

Either Om is just lucky, or the constant massages, stretching, and bi-weekly visits to a physical therapist are really working.

Om got a new pair of Markel shoes one size up, but the bar is the same size and will be changed in another 3 months. Markell shoes are stiff and leathery and require some breaking in to adjust to the child's feet. I asked the orthotics folks if we could get the Mitchell shoes and bar, but they recommended against it, stating that why change something that is working so well. Also, according to the orthotist Mitchell shoes are geared more towards babies who have problems (constant blisters, feet slipping out of shoes, etc). He said that the Markell shoes are stiffer for a reason - they really work when used properly and if there are no slippage problems, the chances for success are greater. So I did not press the issue, because anyway now we only have to put the shoes on Om when he sleeps.

I just pray and hope that he doesn't relapse. You never know with club foot. Nazar nah lage (Antijinx on this post! Jinx monstor be gone!)


I_have_been_thinking said...

Wow..thats great news..sahi main ..nazar na lage!

Munchkin said...

Thrilled to hear the good news:) And yes, kala tikka! the family pic.Damn cute!

Mama - Mia said...


hugs to you n Om! thats brilliant news!

and touchwood to all the wood in the world! :)



Jo-Ann said...

What great news! Yay for Om!!!