Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tips for Teething

Today I stuck my finger in Om's mouth (I'm such a weirdo Mom!) and discovered what only can be early signs of a tooth emerging from his lower gums. Will try to get a picture of it, but I highly doubt he'll open his mouth for that long.

Any tips from fellow Mommy bloggers?


Munchkin said...

I have done a Phd in this field..sending a mail your way with all the details..

Munchkin said...

Oh wait..I don't have your email the comment space will have to do-

1. Buy a soft water filled teether.
2. Dr Hylands homeopathic pills worked very well for my son. I also used the Baby Oragel teething gel. Good stuff.
3. Most kids get a little diarrhea when teething. This doesnt happen bcoz of the teething per se but because they gnaw on any thing they can lay hands on. The germs they pick up from there cause the upset tummy. Wash his toys every 2-3 days in a mild detergent and wash his teether EVERY time before you give it to him.Make sure he doesnt chew on your footwear or anything else that could be contaminated. I took these basic precautions and hence thankfully didnt have to deal with it.
4. Sprout a lot of tolerance and patience and desist at all times any urges to fling the baby or self out of the window.

I had a terrible time till I discovered the above meds. Praying that you dont go through the same.If I think of something else I will let you know.
Best of luck. (And more so if you are breastfeeding! )

Mama - Mia said...

homeopathy rocks!! :D

Munchkin's mom has already given the name. we have Cubby Calcareaphos and camomilla. didnt do any of the toy washing thing and didnt suffer a thing!

all the best!



Priyanka said...

You're not a Weirdo, or maybe I'm one too..God knows! I still stick my finger inside Ash's mouth, she has 6 teeth now, trying to see if there's a 7th one coming out.
As Avanti has said - Hyland's is the best. And homeopathic pills should be started early on around 3 months, even before you see any teeth. That way its more effective.

Munchkin said...

Oh, I thought of something else...a sure sign that he is teething is that he will start scratching his ears..this happens because during teething the entire ENT passage gets irritable...if he is too cranky on some days, feed him ice cream he;ll love the taste and the coolness will soothe his gums too.

Munchkin said...

Me asked me where you could get these meds...over the counter at CVS.. and thanks for the snacks ideas :)