Monday, November 24, 2008

Magic Shoes

"Momma said they was my magic shoes, they'd take me anywhere"
--Forrest Gump


Munchkin said...

I got a lump in my throat just reading are such a strong woman babes and I know that Om's braces are going to come off and soon you will be complaining about he drives you nuts running around the whole house....take should be proud of youself for being one helluva Mommy ..

Mama - Mia said...


proud of you!

and tell OM i love his shoes!



Me said...

Munchkin - LOL I'm sure I'll be complaining when he starts running around the house!

Mamma-Mia - Hehe thanks

Vidooshak said...

Om is sooooo teeny and adorable. Can't remember when Cubby was that small!!! Am sure he'll magically get OK soon. The Cub threatened us with weak muscles too, but started walking before many others his age. These kids just love to see our hearts in our mouth. After that, they're otherwise fine. Plus Om has one of the best and most fun mommy's around, lucky him.

Good luck and many many prayers