Thursday, November 20, 2008

People surprise me

The other day had a major craving for a vanilla latte from Starbucks. Decided to go through the drive-thru, BAD idea when I ended up waiting more than 20 minutes! (I couldn't back out because there were drivers behind me). Well some lady in front of me was having some issues with her coffee so that was the reason we were being held up. After having a baby, I HATE having to wait for anything...I'm always in a rush to get in and get out of any store etc so I can get back home quickly. So I was in turmoil waiting, thinking of all the things I needed to do when I got home and if MIL needed to go for a nap/walk.

But, once I got the coffee, the server said the lady before me had already paid for my drink as a way to make up for my wait. How nice!

There is hope for people after all. :-)


Mama - Mia said...

thats so so cool!




Munchkin said...

Thats such a nice gesture :)