Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post Partum Support?

Here is one conversation I had with someone that made me change how I think of her:

Me: I heard that M is about to have her baby, can you give my regards to her and tell her that the terrible symptoms will soon pass and if she's feeling a bit depressed it's totally understandable?

Her: Depressed? Why would she feel depressed?

Me: It's the life changes and hormonal fluctuations...I went through something similar, it's called the post partum blues.

Her: You were depressed? How come you never told me?

Me: You never asked.

Her: Wow if I had a baby I would be euphoric with happiness.

Me: Good for you.


Munchkin said...

hehe...their naivety is actually should laugh.

Me said...

Yes totally! :-)

Mama - Mia said...


i can imagine someone who hasnt had babys aying that actually!

till i experinced my own post-partum blues!! what a time that was! seems like a distant past now!! :)



Priyanka said...

LOL :) She is just plain ignorant. You should have said 'Why don't you go have a baby and then talk to me?" :)