Thursday, February 26, 2009

If I were a super hero

I would be the Incredible Charitable Philanthropist. (According to the Hero Factory.) Interesting how they came up with that name...maybe because I decided to use a shopping bag as a weapon of choice? Or is it because that I am wearing a sarong and matching poncho (Ha...even in my cartoon fantasy world I cover up my thick post-partum waistline!) strolling about the city in bare feet?

Sometimes, however...I feel more like this:

Wonder Woman indeed. Complete with muffin top and underbelly stretch marks! ;-)



Menaka D said...

Lol, I like the pic of Wonder Woman;)

Mama - Mia said...

gee! you dont look half the size in pocs you have put up!

and who comes up with such looong superhero names anywayz?! ;)



Anonymous said...

ROTFL! Very funny..I had such a good laugh over this :)

Jo-Ann said...

LOVE it! Thanks for the laugh!

Munchkin said...

LOL...dont be so hard on look great! And the second cartoon was damn scary btw..

Munchkin said...

You've been tagged :)