Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Look a like and Lazy Eye

Here is G's childhood snap: (no he's not a Mexican kid in Catholic school uniform!)

Here is my baby snap: (Yes that's cigarette ash on my fingers! My 'rents were so safe! LOL ).

Here is Om's snap (one of 10,000):

Guess it's hard to tell at barely 6 months of age, but I think in this pic he looks like me. As long as he gets his Dad's height and IQ I am okay with this! My little pumpkin smoochie woochie mooshie face! Okay I'll stop gushing now.
Today we went to the eye doctor for Om. We suspected a lazy eye, in particular the right eye. We've noticed it in almost all his pictures. G's sister had it as a child and required surgery to correct. My side of the family was blessed with myopic vision (as part of a curse on our family due to an ancestor accidentally killing a snake in the butter churn...oh the hilarity). So of course we are paranoid about his eyes given that both side of the family have issues.
The doctor said he has a slight lazy eye on the right side, but nothing that can't be fixed with exercise and perhaps it will go away on it's own in a few months. The excersises are really simple. We need to hand him toys from the right side of his head and switch sides feeding him (I tend to feed him with his head towards my right side). We also need to make him follow moving objects with his eyes (as opposed to watching objects by moving his head).


Mama - Mia said...

what the heck is lazy eye?!

as long as doc says it will all be ok soon enough, its cool.

and yes. On does seem like you! :D



Sue said...

I think this is fairly common. When Grace was an infant, my mom kept commenting that one of her eyes seemed "lazy" in her photos -- not in "real life" necessarily but definitely in pictures. I brought this up with her pediatrician at the time and she said it was nothing -- if it WAS something, then she'd just grow out of it. But she said that it was more of an optical illusion (on our parts) -- Grace has HUGE HUGE eyes, plus a very wide bridge on her nose, so those two things together gave the appearance of an eye that wandered in at times. Sure enough, I stopped thinking about it and in a few months it was gone.

Your baby (who does look like you, I might add!) also has big eyes and a wide bridge -- at least it seems that way from the pictures -- so it's probably not a big deal. He'll be doing his own exercises anyway, watching everything around him. :) Enjoy -- he's beautiful!

Jo-Ann said...

I agree, yes! He looks like you! I have never had anyone say that either of mine look like me...they both look like Daddy. That's fine with me, I happen to think Daddy is handsome. :)

I have known a few moms who have dealt with lazy eye. Some have had to do exercises, a few have had to wear a patch. Hopefully the exercises will be enough.

Good luck!

Me said...

Mama mia - Lazy eye is the same thing as cross eye! Sorry I should have clarified.


Sue - Wow I never imagined that maybe it's due to his large eyes and bridge of nose! You may be totally right here!
Thanks so much!

JoAnn - Okay I just had images of Om looking like a little pirate with an eye patch...CUTE.

Priyanka said...

I've heard that babies have lazy eyes as they are not able to focus on objects correctly at that age. My neice had a lazy eye for quite a few months.

Priyanka said...

Oh and he definitely looks like you :)

Munchkin said...

Yes, he does look like you..Ive always felt that :)
And dont worry about the lazy cousin had a verrryy pronounced one and it went away with exercises...

veggie belly said...

He looks so much like you!!! A friend's daughter had a slight lazy eye and it went away by the time she was 3.

Yair Yahav said...

Its look so good and Lazy is big problem but your child hasalso big eyes after exercise he wilt see like you so dont Penni,its cute
thanks a lot