Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weight Loss Standstill


After having Om I weighed 170 lbs. Now I weigh 163 lbs. So I've somehow managed a tiny weightloss of 7 lbs. Now I'm at a standstill because although I'm including excersise, I haven't fine - tuned the foods I am inhaling. This is primarily due to the amount of carbs I eat. Breakfast and lunch usually include bread, and then my mother in law cooks indian food daily, and white rice is usually on the menu. I swear the days I eat rice I feel bloated (which is a lot). But it's so EASY to just eat it when it's already cooked and the accompanying curried dish is present. I've debated with dear MIL about the perils of white rice, but she claims that one can eat anything as long as gym is included. YEAH RIGHT. (Insert eye roll here). She's the sweet lady who tells G and I to become "skinny" again yet serves hot kachoris and parathas (fried stuffed breads). Now I know why diabetes is rampant in northern indians!

Anyway so I've resigned to the fact that MIL can't be changed and that she will make fried foods, and include rice in her meals. So after she leaves I hope to change the diet a bit and use more protien/veggies/fruits and less carbs.

For the gym, I usually do the treadmill or the elliptical. I've gotten so BORED and demotivated lately. I began dreading the gym...which makes it easy to have excuses not to go. So I've attempted swimming. I've done it twice so far and really like it. Afterwards I feel so tired and ravenous. And there is something about doing laps that is really meditative. You don't need an mp3 player, no tv, no headphones, no magazine. Just you and the pool. I'm not a good swimmer. I have very poor form and I have no idea about the breathing techniques. But my goal is just to strengthen my muscles and not become winded after a lap. Maybe one day I will take lessons and actually learn!

For the moms reading this blog, when is a good time to get baby in the water? And what do you do about soggy diapers...do you use a diaper cover? I don't want Om to fear the water so would like to start playing around with him in the pool.

Back to the topic...so on a lighter note, here is a current picture of me*:

*pic is from sue @ dreams and journeys

** it's a chubby groundhog in case you were wondering

*** at least i still look cute :D



Anonymous said...

Are you still b/f?
You know the body holds on the fat when b/f?

I hear you about the gym boredom. Thats why I started taking classes. Try that maybe.

What about weight lifting? Either free weights or the circuit. You will look toned and the muscle will help burn more calories.

Swimming is fun isnt it? i do 4 laps and then use a kickboard when I start getting tired.

Such a cute picture :)

Me said...

Asaaan - Nope not b/feeding anymore. Yeah I should look into classes, maybe pilates. Ive taken a couple yoga classes. I need to do more wieghts....I'm random like that...I will do weights one week and then skip for another 2 wks, so its hard to see results.


Priyanka said...

Stop eating Rice :) Rice is the killer, its very tough to lose weight. We can always buy frozen chapatis, they are pretty good.

I quit going to gym and have been swimming regularly now. I started taking Ash in the pool since she was 6 months old. At this age they are fearless, its a good time to get them used to the pool. And Ash is super-excited to enter the pool every time.
I got her a tiny swim suit. She poops only in the mornings, so I take her to the pool after her poopy for the day is done. No diapers, nothing. I don't really care about her peeing in the pool right now :P, maybe I should look for swimming diapers, I've been just too lazy so far.

Jo-Ann said...

With my first, the weight STAYED. Even with the gym, breastfeeding and starving myself. Nothing helped.

No idea why but with #2, the weight fell off...til I stopped breastfeeding, then it found me again.

No advice, just wishing you the best in this strange post pregnancy journey.

Mama - Mia said...

i obviously have no advive since i neither diet not exercise and am happily fat and not as cute!

but you go girl!! :)



Priyanka said...

Hey I'm not able to view the pictures for some reason :(

Sue said...

This post cracked me up -- you ARE cute! :)

Weight issues are the worst. I joined a gym after my son was born (he's 6 now) and hated every day of it. I'm not into that kind of "deliberate exercise" at all. I went for a year and a half and hardly lost at all. So frustrating! I was healthy, though.

Grace did me in. I just couldn't lose anything. Plus I had stopped going to the gym when I was pregnant and had no desire (or money) to go back. I was so desperate that I joined NutriSystem for 3 months. What a joke! Sure, I lost quite a bit but it all came back.

Now I just try to eat healthy (hence my posts recently). I LOVE carbs, LOVE white rice, LOVE all the bad stuff! :) It's a killer.

As for swimming, I don't see why you can't get your little one in whenever you want. Do you have little swimmie diapers? Pampers and Huggies make them -- they're good. Not as absorbent (as far as pee is concerned) than regular diapers, of course, so he can't stay in them for hours at a time, but they work fine for swimming.

Have fun - and take it easy on yourself! :)

Munchkin said...

Just published my weight stats at Priyankas for the general public... my efforts are also going pretty slow...i am alternatively depressed and motivated...bah...i am going to die fat!!

btw...leaving rice does help...in my case the weight loss is inching but atleast its going away..