Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The amazing Om

Plays peek-a-boo all by himself...give him a blanket and he will raise it over his head and start giggling while waiting for me to say "Where's Om?" This is so cute I just want to die. Sometimes the blanket won't cover his head completely, and one of his eyes will be uncovered, but he still thinks that he is "hiding. "

He is a hand clapping monster. Throughout the day I say "Yaaay" or "Clapping clapping" and Om will smack hands together in happiness. Om also randomly claps while playing or while crying (which blows Mommy's mind...clapping while crying? Don't get it). Also it's nice to get applauded everytime I walk into a room. :-)

Today I was putting Om down for a nap when the phone rang. Decided to take the phone call, and put Om on the sofa next to her while chatting. Om was frustrated, but occupied himself for a while. Then he climbed onto my lap and wriggled around, reaching for the phone on my ear. Also made lots of funny faces and fake cries showing his frustration with an interrupted nap and the fact that I wasn't paying him any attention. After sometime, Om FELL ASLEEP on my tummy, face down snuggled into the many folds of stomach tire. His body was half twisted in mid-crawl. He remained asleep for a whole hour and a half (during the phone call). This was so cute and new, because he NEVER falls asleep without a bottle of milk and a blanket. It's also amazing that he remained asleep for the entire phone call...usually I have to go upstairs to talk because any sound will wake the sleeping prince.


Jo-Ann said...

Awwww! I miss the peek-a-boo stage. Almost makes me want another baby....Almost. :)

Enjoy this stage! I know you've heard it a million times, but they grow up so fast.

G said...

hey! i read your blog off and on, but the peek-a-boo comment made me comment this time! this post was so cute, makes me go aaawwwww, cho chweeet

Chikki said...

Jo Ann, LOL...almost!
I'm learning that lately...looking at his old photos, can't believe it!

Thanks for visiitng my blog! Am glad you liked the peek aboo story. :)