Thursday, April 23, 2009

India Packing Checklist

Suitcase #1 : All of Om's outgrown clothes (months 0 - 7), receiving blankets, boppy pillow, and baby gym. (These are items we are giving to my sister in law who is expecting).

Suitcase #2 : G's clothes, my clothes to wear during one month stay. Also personal care items etc. I will have less clothes because I CANNOT BEAR HEAT in jeans and western wear so am having some cotton salwar kameez's stitched for me there. G is lucky, he can just wear his shorts. Do men realize how easy they have it in this world?

Suitcase #3 : 5 boxes of formula, 3 packs of diapers, some baby food, medicines, baby sunblock.

Suitcase #4 : Whatever doesn't fit in suitcase #3, plus a few gifts. and Om's summer wardrobe. (18 assorted cotton onesies, 3 pairs of shorts, sleep sack, warm romper in case it gets chilly in the evening in Shimla, hats, and socks)

Suitcase #5 : Since Om is coming with us and we are traveling business class, we get one extra suitcase for baby items. This suitcase will contain extra items that don't fit in suitcases 1 - 4, baby wipes, plus a safety booster seat that Om no longer uses because we got this instead. (We'll use the safety seat in India and then leave it there).

Also add a stroller, carseat, and two carry-ons.

Shoot me now.


Priyanka said...

Thats a lot of bags. Carseat ???

Anonymous said...

Give a hug to A from my side..when in she due..I am supper excited for her.. :)..
And yes Carseat..??..M and I are planning a trip to India as well around the same time as you your list will help a lot :)

Sue said...

Oh my gosh!! Yes, I do understand -- with two kids now, we don't go anywhere. Ever. :) Seriously -- with all the packing, I end up in some exhausted state before we even leave ... and then I arrive home even worse. And this is just for an overnight trip to my husband's parents 3 hours away! :) Yeah, we don't go anywhere if we don't have to ...

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL time!

Hitha said...

I am leaving to India in 2nd week of May with Aaru alone :(

I hate to even think of how I will keep him engaged for 22+2 hrs..

Great list Me...U sure did make my job easier :)