Thursday, April 16, 2009


Don't know why...thyroid issues acting up again? Baby who needs Mommy's attention 24/7?

Feel like eating the entire refriderator and then passing out in bed for 24 hours.

Trying to prepare for exam. HARD when after 8pm I just want to SLEEP.

On another note, I hate being so negative...should write something positive! Was reading a blog where the SAHM complained in every. single. post. And she didn't work, or study, or excersise, or ANYTHING and only had one kid (Om's age). Complained about how messy her house was (don't we all) and also how she didn't have time to cook at all. How they ate pizza daily.

Umm...what does one do with a 7 month old all day if one is not also working/excersising/cleaning/studying/cooking? Maybe the baby is a monster who consumes every single minute of her day?

Yeah I'm being judgmental again. BLAAAH.


Lavs said...

I think you must have reached my blog! I am SAHM and i do not cook/clean/exercise/study and I watch over my 10 month old all day long and still do not find time to pee in peace!!And my son fell from my bed(4feet high) just in front of my eyes....
some babies are monsters like you said!!Sigh:(

Me said... you have family to help you? Or maids? That makes a difference...

I just get bored...if no studies/excersise, I start organizing things in the house, of random stuff so that I'm not babied out LOL.

Dude every Mom drops their kid at some point...Om fell from a counter top and screamed bloody murder. Never felt so guilty in my life!

Munchkin said...

Link pliss to said 'll make me feel better about my life...hehe..

its a phase, this too shall pass..and you are talking about space? babes i no longer pee/crap or take a shower with the door closed...yeah, the kid walks in and out as he pleases..try shutting the door and you will witness a meltdown unparalleled by any force of nature..

btw...loved the advice you gave about things to do when one has house why didn't i ask you before?

now please give me some advice on how to study peacefully no before that tell me how to make my child sleep at 8 p.m...see? i'm a mess here, help out willya?

Priyanka said...

Haha...would love to read the posts by complaining mom, do link. We all get judgemental every now and then, well, in my case, I really can't help it ;)

Lavs said...

you have been tagged

Menaka D said...

My house was a mess and I didn't cook 'proper' food for almost 3 weeks. The first week was hard (I had some complications after giving birth) but I was so blessed to have my husband by my side.

The second week was so...arrgh! Frustrating!! I couldn't do anything. With Tristan at work and me with the baby at home; who cried every half an hour...

The third week is somewhat frustrating still but I'm managing. I'm not one to fuss about clean house but it's kinda calming to have a tidy place sometimes. Also, I managed to cook nice meal.

Am I complaining? Well, probably. But at the same token, I believe things will get better :)