Friday, February 22, 2008

Going back to Minnesota

This Sunday am headed back to MN since late October...going for about 5 days and have TONS to do while there. I need to get my car checked for its tires etc since G & I will be driving back to Seattle next weekend (the whole point of this trip is to pack up the last of my stuff and get my beloved Hindu Accord). Then I also need to clean up the bedroom in my parents house and organize what I need to bring back to this teensy apartment. Somewhere in there I'm meeting up with friends and making a stop at my previous workplace (where I am now working on a per project basis remotely) to check on why my email account has not been renewed. The friends part is hard, because all I want to do is hang out with each of them seperately, but since I'm there for such a short time I think the best I'll manage is a combined dinner meeting one of the nights. I'm excited to show them the wedding video, there are some hilarious moments in there!

Can't wait to sleep snuggled next to my squishy faced jack russell terrier...I miss my dog! Oh and of course gonna make sure Mom makes her preggo daughter some yummy chicken biryani and daikon radish (mooli) parathas...oh and her famous indian style chicken wings...and I could go on and on.

Fingers crossed that the weather agrees with us and that G and I make it safely back to WA without any major delays through the mountain passes.

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