Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Fascinating and Wonderful List of My Preggo Symptoms

1. Heartburn. Down to my toes heartburn. Pervade my brain heartburn. Thank God for Protonix.

2. Fatigue.

3. Hips hurt after excersising, particularily the treadmill (or shopping).

4. Morning Sickness. And afternoon sickness. NEVER eat a protien bar at breakfast...those things do NOT digest well and you end up puking it all I know what it feels like choking while puking. Not good.

5. The never - ending cold. Congestion is my life.

6. Lowered libido. 'Nuff said.

7. Random headaches. Although that's probably due to dehydration from #4.

8. Was a huge tea and coffee I barely drink them. (Still haven't given up diet coke).

9. Water has to be laced with sugar or flavor. Milk has to be chocolate. I didn't say I was a healthy preggo.

10. And the newest symptom? Thyroid disease for life. No wonder I've felt so tired and everyday is like an uphill battle. Whoopee! (But it does explain my slow metabolism).

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